Reviews For Of a Lifetime

2008.03.29 - 05:59PM
1: Of a Lifetime

I liked Mickey's grandma in that brief glimpse we get in the alternative universe, but you've managed to make her a proper, rounded character. Lovely fic.

Author's Response: Thanks. I liked her a lot in that little we saw of her, too, and I think she deserved her own fic. :)

2008.03.23 - 11:33AM
1: Of a Lifetime

Lovely. Very touching and understated.

Author's Response: Thanks!

2008.02.07 - 07:47AM
1: Of a Lifetime

I like the way it ties in with his decision to stay with his gran. He can make her proud.

Author's Response: Thanks! I kind of like that thought myself. :)

2008.02.07 - 01:28AM
1: Of a Lifetime

Y'know, I read and enjoyed this over on LJ, but I think I may have been a dork and not left a review. At any rate, I really liked this; not a character combo one would think of offhand at *all*, but well done and very believable. It goes in the "personal canon" file. ;)

Author's Response: I don\'t remember seeing a comment from you, but given how bad I\'ve been about leaving feedback lately, I\'m the last person to point fingers and call someone a dork for not doing it. :) Anyway, glad you liked! It\'s not something *I* would have thought of all on my own, either, but the prompt just drew me. I\'m kind of a sucker, sometimes, for minor, undeveloped characters.