2006.10.20 - 05:48PM
1: Today's case study

Hilarious and a timely warning to all time travellers, unless you're Rose, better be resigned to a celibate life once you travel with the Doctor! Lol, fantastic fic, and yes, reminds me of Little Britain a bit too.

2006.01.16 - 07:40PM
1: Today's case study

Heehee! That was a real laugh. The ending (the "Get stuffed" bit) sort of reminded me of a "Little Britain" ending.

I have a story where I'd always liked listening to that show while doing something else, and I had (have) a very high opinion of the owner of the voice narrating that show, and had very positive feelings associated with that voice, and felt like I trusted the owner of the voice implicitly, no matter what idiotic thing the voice was saying. Then I found out why that is: the narrator of "Little Britain" is Tom Baker, heh.

But I digress. I do that. Sorry. Anyways, nice fic!

2005.08.03 - 07:52PM
1: Today's case study

Riveting, simply riveting. Even the bits without the touching... :D

Author's Response: What you do when you read my fiction is your own affair. ;-)

2005.05.27 - 09:42PM
1: Today's case study

Just stumbled across this, and ended up giggling all night. I can so see the Doctor interrupting like that, totally oblivious to what was going on.

2005.01.26 - 01:46AM
1: Today's case study

Ha Ha, great story. Wish I'd had classes like that when I was at school.

Grimley Fieendish
2005.01.24 - 05:41PM
1: Today's case study

Was'nt the name "Robin Asquith" a generic name for a actor, like the use of "Alan Smithee" for a director, who otherwise did NOT want to be credited...? Besides, where's "Barry Evans"...?

2005.01.23 - 03:37AM
1: Today's case study

Extremelly hillarious!! Yes I can imagine the 1st Doctor spoiling the fun.

2005.01.22 - 03:57PM
1: Today's case study

Hehe! Muchly enjoyed. Very much in character and terribly funny.

the eighth doctors girl
2005.01.22 - 12:21PM
1: Today's case study

LOL!!!!!! Absolutely hilarious!