Reviews For Consequences

2008.11.01 - 09:27PM
6: Chapter 6

I'm sure you've been very, very busy, but do you think you could pleasepleaseplease post more on this story? I admit I've gotten hooked on the idea of the Doctor's n'er-do-well brother, Dextor, and his fixation on Rose!

What will the Doctor do when he discovers Dextor has impersonated him & Rose is now pregnant with his brother's child??

PRETTY PLEASE???? It's been months ....

2008.07.01 - 01:23PM
1: Chapter 1

Can not wait for the rest of the chapters this is so exciting....!!!
What will the doctor do when he finds his brother has gotten his Rose pregnant!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Always nice to hear from different people! X_X

2008.07.01 - 10:40AM
6: Chapter 6

I can't believe that Rose is being swallowed up by Dextor's lies.I'm kind of relieved that the Doctor did actually make it to Rose's world but at first I thought he was only going to be a hologram and this was before 'Bad Wolf Bay'.

Is Dextor about to discover the full force of the Oncoming Storm'

How will he react to Rose being pregnant by Dextor? Will this finally tip him over the edge?

Author's Response: That is the question! Cos\' he seems pretty darker than before, having lost Rose just seemed to only help this, he might well be pushed over the edge if he hears about her pregnancy. Very exciting stuff, I hope you agree! X_X

2008.05.22 - 08:09PM
5: Chapter 5

Ahhhh! Evil, evil cliffhanger!! Please post the next chapter IMMEDIATELY, or I'll hold my breath until I turn blue!

...I'm turning blue...

...I'm turning purple...


Author's Response: Uhh, you okay? Still hanging in there? Don\'t worry, new chappie will appear soon! X_X

2008.05.22 - 12:51PM
5: Chapter 5

... oh... no... not a non-Doctor baby for Rose... PLEASE! That's something evil writers (like me) do! Not brilliant fantastic amazing writers (like you) do!!

Oh let the Doctor get there and really badly hurt Dextor!!! There's not a chance in hell that he could let Dextor get away with it!

Author's Response: *Blushes* Thanks. A lot. I seriously owe a lot to all of you. You make me want to go and write more! :P As for the non Doctor baby (as you called it LOL) well, Rose is in a mess right about now. I think finding out that the man she\'s been with, these last couple of months isn\'t the Doctor and is instead Dextor, will prove to be a huge impact on everything. It\'s all been a lie and she\'s gonna\' have to deal. Will she stay with him though? Will she be prepared to bring up his child, knowing what she knows and how he got her in this mess? That is, until the Doctor gets there and goes all Oncoming Storm on his brother. I think its safe to say, there\'s a lot more to come, yet! X_X

2008.05.22 - 12:34PM
5: Chapter 5

Oh,please tell me she isn't pregnant with Dextor's child? The consequences if she is are going to be high.

I think when the Doctor finally finds out what his brother has done he really will kill him this time.

I just want the Doctor to get there.Can't wait for his reaction.

Author's Response: Well... I can\'t really say no to a question that Rose has practically answered for herself. So.. yeah, she is I\'m afraid. I wonder, did you see that coming? Hopefully it was a good twist! Funnily enough, I can\'t bloody wait to write the scene where the Doc finally gets here and finds out the extent to what Dextor has done this time. One thing\'s for sure, its going to be a bumpy ride from now on and the Doctor is NOT going to be happy. Thanks! X_X

2008.04.02 - 09:44AM
4: Chapter 4

I love Dextor as a character... I just dont love him for what he's doing to Rose!!

Thank GOD the Doctor's on his way over! I'm going to just LOVE the chapter when they all meet up (if they do)... I've seen that in my head so many times! Two Doctors and one HELL of a confused Rose LOL!!!

I can't believe Rose would just go to bed with Dextor, yes he looks like the Doctor, yes he sounds like the Doctor... but he ISN'T!! *growlz*

Fantastic as always! Brings out the mixed emotions as always!! Love it!! :D

Update as soon as you can!! :D

Author's Response: Don\'t worry, you won\'t have to wait very long for the two \'Doctors\' and Rose to be in the same place, at the same time. Plus a Jack Harkness and a Donna Noble! What more could you ask for? To be fair, she does think he\'s the Doctor! So.... she\'s gonna\' have a hell of a shock when she finds out she\'s shagged his brother, instead. Especially since it\'s Dextor! He did kidnap her in the last fic, after all... Thanks for the review! X_X

2008.03.02 - 10:31AM
3: Chapter 3

I would really like to think that this second chance and Rose could be a turning point and the making of Dextor.However saying that I have my doubts and there's only going to be one person that gets hurt in the long run and that's Rose when the truth is finally revealed.I mean it might heal her heart for now but how long can Dextor keep the act up until he reveals his true self?

I'm really hoping that the Doctor realises or discovers just what Dextor is upto.

I can't see Mickey being to happy about Dextor playing Rose for a fool if he even finds out the truth because he was really protective of Rose aswell ,I think their relationship changed into what Rose and Jack's was like a brother/sister one.

I would really like to see the Doctor grab Jack and come to Rose's rescue in the end.

Author's Response: Dextor, at the end of the day, will always be himself. He can\'t just change into someone, he\'s most definantly not. The mask will slip eventually and when it does, there will be hell to pay. Either way, Rose is heading to get her heart broken, its invetiable but will there be someone there to catch her as she falls? I don\'t want to spoil too much where the plot is concerned, but Mickey will take a dislike to this new \'Doctor.\' He has definantly changed, there is a difference there. Mickey is protective over Rose, he always has been, and I think their relationship will be explored a little more thoroughly later on. After all, he was one of the few that helped her through losing the Doctor. The proper Doctor and Jack, and Donna will make an appearance at some point, don\'t worry! Their reactions however, will have to be waited for. Thanks! :)

2008.02.28 - 04:53PM
3: Chapter 3

MWAHAHAHAHA *continues to laugh evilly for 5 minutes*... *stops laughing evilly*... Ahem xD

If Dextor keeps slipping up like that then Rose will figure it out... I hope Chelle does the right thing, although it sounds like she'd do anything for Dextor...

Grr the Disowned Brother (no longer going to call him Dextor lol!) of the bestest Time Lord in the univers *giggles* is a right little charmer... Me no likey Disowned Brother... Can't wait til the Doctor finds out... I just hope Rose hasn't done something stupid... you know, something like 'getting to know' Disowned Brother... But you're evil enough to do it!! GAH!

More soon PLEASE! xD Amazing as always :D

Author's Response: Yeah Dex did slip up a bit there, didnt he? To be fair, he couldnt really have known what the Doc did and didnt know. Chelle apparantly seems to be a little bit head over heels, where it concerns our \'disowned brother\'. An unrequited love in the making, that is. And Rose \'getting to know\' Dextor could be on the cards I\'m afraid. Since, she does think he\'s the Doc after all! Dex will think all his xmas\' has come at once. More is on its way, don\'t you worry! Sometime soon, I should think. I\'m really glad you like it, I aim to please! :)

2008.02.09 - 01:32PM
2: Chapter 2

I was feeling very low today (it was raining non stop) and I was in desperate need of 10/Rose fluff but I found this and...I was hooked.Really interesting first chapters.Can't wait to see how you'll bring our Doctor back and how Rose will realize the truth though.Should be quite interesting.Keep going!It's great!Please update soon!:)

Author's Response: Thanks! Facing up to reality is gonna\' be hard when it comes about, but you gotta\' admit its gonna\' be quite the ride until then, yeah? LOL The next update will be a lot sooner, I promise! ;)

2008.02.08 - 02:41PM
2: Chapter 2

Right... Dextor is VERY clever for doing all of this... And, yes, Rose will probably be fooled for a very long time... BUT hopefully *closes eyes and prays* the real Doctor will be there and get his Rose...

Oh I hate reading post-Doomsday stories when I'm feeling low lol! *grabs tissues*

Excellent work! (as always xD) More as soon as possible!! :D

Author's Response: Dextor IS very clever and yes Rose will probably be fooled, at least for a little while but well, we can\'t go without our Doctor turning up to rescue his Rose now can we? LOL :D Don\'t worry, we\'ll see more of our Doctor soon! *offers more tissues* Thanks! :)

2008.01.29 - 12:51PM
1: Chapter 1

Great to see you back.
Dextor why can't you leave Rose alone? How did he get there anyway?

Author's Response: Cheers, its good to be back actually. He forced his way into a secret organisation and obtained a void crosser with his companion Chelle; wanting to go to the parallel earth to get away from bad memories and to start again fresh. Read the last chapter of Love and Hate for the full journey of getting to the parallel if you like, for a better summary. Thanks anyway! :)

2008.01.29 - 11:34AM
1: Chapter 1

DEXTOR!!! *breathes* I understand that you may love Rose... But have you heard of the word 'Obsessed'? Cos I'm looking in my dictionary and hey! your photo is right by it!!

EEEEEEEEEEE There's moooore!! *bows down to LilStarKat*

Author's Response: Hey that\'s a good one LOL Ah thanks honey! Yes they\'re will be more ASAP! :)

2008.01.29 - 11:09AM
1: Chapter 1

ooo yay. Its dexter. I remember him!! Lovely! Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Yeah its him alright. Thanks! More will be up soon! ;)