Reviews For Bad Wolf Rising

2011.06.08 - 01:47PM
12: The Road to Hell

loving it so far, which is saying a lot because I normally hate first person narration! Is there any chance of more chapters?

2010.11.12 - 09:36PM
12: The Road to Hell

Great chapter! I love that Theta is trying to protect her. I really hope this doesn't turn into a love triangle and that Rose will finally reunite with the Doctor. =)

2010.11.12 - 08:54PM
12: The Road to Hell

Koschei - oh boy, did not see that one coming! Hope Theta can protect her and help to prevent the bonding.

2010.11.12 - 09:28AM
11: Control

Just recently got an account and wanted to finally comment on this fantastic story. Been following it from beginning and am hooked. So many possibilities - I am going off now and reading all your other stories "again" since you mentioned that they are interconnected!

2010.11.11 - 08:32PM
11: Control

This was amazing. I almost cried several times. I'm glad that we're moving closer to the whole Old Rose/Doctor bit. I love it. =)
The end of this really kills me. For a moment, I was so happy to see them bonding and then BAM, you slap us with some of Rose's fear and rejection. I can't wait for the next chapter!

2010.10.17 - 11:20PM
10: Do You Trust Me?

Great chapter. I really can't wait to find out what happens next. Is Theta helping Rose access her blocked memories? When will she get to see the Doctor?

2010.10.17 - 11:00PM
9: Gone

Great chapter. I wonder if Theta might have an idea of what is being blocked in her mind. I guess now I understand why Rose wasn't screaming for her Doctor when she woke up from the drugged sleep. I'm betting the reason Rose and Galen weren't buried has something to do with her being the Bad Wolf. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

2010.10.17 - 10:48PM
8: The Silver Sand

Oh I love this chapter! It's the Doctor in her head. I absolutely love it. Can't stop grinning. =)

2010.10.17 - 10:39PM
7: Webs and Patterns

Great chapter. I really hope they're not trying to pair Galen and Rose up. If they're heading to that place to get the stuff necessary for bonding....and the way they cut Rose off from the Doctor... It really seems like they're trying to ensure Rose bonds with one of their own. I'm still really skeptical of that soup. She's given it when she's thinking about the Doctor and then she basically passes out. I don't think it's a coincidence.

2010.10.17 - 10:24PM
6: Soup for the Soul

Great chapter. Yay for the Doctor! It's terrible that they cut her off like that. I'm betting they drugged the soup too. I wonder what's going on..

2010.10.17 - 09:36PM
5: A Brush of Minds

Great chapter. So it would seem that they don't know everything about Rose Tyler. I love what you've done with her name by the way. The Doctor never tells anyone his real name and now Rose can't. I wonder what the Doctor will say when he sees her... I can't wait!

2010.10.17 - 09:27PM
4: Fruits of the Loom

Great chapter. I can't wait to find out more.

2010.10.17 - 09:19PM
3: Kakos Lykos

Great chapter. I love the whole mystery of it. =)

2010.10.17 - 09:09PM
2: An Apple a Day

Great chapter. I love that the Face of Bo is going to help her become the Bad Wolf. It's so interesting to think of the Doctor, Rose, and Jack as these three beings that are so very important. =)

2010.10.17 - 08:58PM
1: Prologue

Great prologue. Rose certainly seems to be an all business kind of gal. Lol. I love that it's the Face of Bo that she encounters first. Can't wait to see what he has to say. =)