Reviews For Three Little Words

2009.01.22 - 02:27AM
2: Alone

You HAVE to continue this... I cannot have them so alone and so apart. Please fix it... fluffiness and happiness is good... please.....????????

Author's Response: This was started a long time ago, pre series 4 and it had no direction. It fits if I stick it with after JE though which is what I will do. We\'re also going to ignore the fact that the 11th Doctor is quickly coming. May be a while though, I\'m finishing Full of Light then Goodbye and then the rest of the stories in that series. Don\'t worry though it isn\'t never ending, there is a planned plot!

2009.01.22 - 02:25AM
1: Three Little Words

OMG, just found this... you're breaking my heart, here... please don't let it be too late, never too late for them...

Author's Response: I am planning on finishing it at some point thank you so much for the review!

2008.09.14 - 07:37AM
2: Alone

Eureka - I've just worked it out!!! Jack is going to save the day and knock some sense into the Doctor. Am I even close???

Author's Response: Haha!! that could perhaps be who it is... Jack is another character I just love. I think he loves the Doctor and Rose just as much, but I love how fiercly protective he is

2008.09.07 - 03:19AM
2: Alone

Please don't leave things at that. How can Rose be too late. I agree with the others - it should never be too late for Rose and the Doctor. You have to do something to make him come to his senses, please!!! Hope you update this soon.

Author's Response: Someone will smack some sense into him...just wondering who it will be...let\'s keep in mind where Rose was standing,sitting, crying...etc. Who could possibly be nearby?

2008.04.20 - 12:50PM
2: Alone

OMG. That was so cruel. Please, please tell me you are going to have him come to his senses. Please.
I am hooked and loving your story(even if it is making me sad)

Author's Response: I know, it is cruel! In the best and most optimistic way i can think of , I do not believe that the Doctor would act this way. At the same time, you can see that he is hesitant to bring more people along (donna at the end of partners in crime) despite what he actually wants. Another side of me thinks that he could act this way. Our very human ideas are screaming how could he just walk away from her!!! I think it is more complicated for him...and of course he isn\'t human. Thank you so so so very much for reading and enjoying, even if it is making you sad. What i can promise you is a happy ending...somewhere down the line, i\'m not sure how long or short this will be yet. I am a hopeless rose/doctor shipper. stick with me!

2008.04.20 - 05:18AM
2: Alone

Can't he see that what he's doing to her to himself is hurting them both.

Author's Response: We all love the Doctor but he can be a bit thick. He can see that he is hurting her but he also may not be completely in his right mind. Some sense may need to be smacked into him.

2008.04.20 - 05:17AM
1: Three Little Words

Too late surely he is going to back that statement up with a plausible reason.

Author's Response: This isn\'t the first time that the Doctor has done \"the right thing\" or what he thinks is the right thing, by doing something...stupid. What may be completely plausible to him, would frankly, make us cringe and quite annoyed with him. Don\'t worry there is a happy ending in sight. I am setting this completely out of canon so...series 4 hasn\'t started yet and it is shortly (for him) after voyage of the damned. you have to think he would be slightly messed up by that?

2008.01.26 - 06:34AM
1: Three Little Words

Too late because losing her broke him I could possibly accept; other than that I agree with the review that says it should never be "too late" for them.

Author's Response: i think that losing Rose did break the Doctor, not totally, but watching series 3 again i do notice how reckless he is...more so than usual i mean. it appears as if he is nearly suicidal a some points. I also completely agree that it should never be too late, and even though the series will never give us that happy Rose/Doctor ending that some people hope for, fanfiction can! personally i\'m just glad that Rose is returning in series 4 at all. What a ride that will be. thanks again for the review

2008.01.24 - 02:54PM
1: Three Little Words

Well, I have to say continue it because I don't like the way you ended it. Not to say I don't like the piece, because I do. should never be too late. Not for them.

Author's Response: it was a little harsh wasn\'t it? it just seemed like a good twist, because the three words that everyone wants to hear are so obvious, i want to work up to it a bit though. thanks for another review!

2008.01.24 - 02:50AM
1: Three Little Words

Too late, how could she be too late. you def need to continue and explain his comment. Can Rose win his hearts back?

Author's Response: I don\'t think that Rose is exactly too late, this isn\'t her fault. The Doctor has been through and seen so much and even an amazing person would grow hard after that. The Doctor may need some help finding himself again, or learning how to enjoy life. His blatant refusal of Rose despite the fact that they both want it, he believes will save them both. At least thats the angle i\'m going with now... thanks so much for the review:D

2008.01.24 - 02:46AM
1: Three Little Words

By the way I liked your start.... sorry about second comment, but it did not appear as though that came into focus with my first.

Author's Response: haha don\'t worry about the second comment, i appreciate it! I am really glad that you liked my beginning, i think i will continue this when i have more time...after my exams. thanks for the review!:D

2008.01.24 - 02:45AM
1: Three Little Words

Tooo Late?!!!! Okay, maybe I am tired, but you have me hooked.... so you continue on with this, and explain for me the too late.... comment.... idiot, I swear he is an idiot.

Author's Response: haha the doctor and socials skills do not always go together well i\'ve found. He seems to have very deep and real emotions, but he honestly is kinda a git. Tries to save himself pain and thinks he\'ll save her pain as well...silly boy