Reviews For Ten Hours

2012.05.16 - 03:00AM
1: Chapter 1

You may not be very happy with it, but then I don't know what you had in mind. Either way, I think you told this beautifully, painted the characters with skill, and the open-ish ending is brilliant - this is how it always ends, with the Doctor's complete disregard for himself as long as he can save others.

2008.04.08 - 11:32AM
1: Chapter 1

My only complaint? It's too short. :) I'd have loved to see how you dealt with the entire ten hours; those you did cover were beautifully done. On a more serious note, you portrayed the Doctor wonderfully: his disbelief, confusion, innocence--because he is innocent in the strangest ways, and you wrote him extremely well. Fantastic fic!

2008.02.20 - 09:18PM
1: Chapter 1

I wonder why you don't like this one VK? I've just read it again for what must be about the sixth time (says something not kind about me I guess). I was gobsmacked by it the first time I read it so didn't say much other than "wow", but here goes..... I really love the way you've done the Doctor in this. He's strong, disdainful of Rickston, sexually celibate (which I think is part of The Doctor's appeal - he's hard to get). I love this bit too - “You haven’t changed at all.” Now the Doctor did look at him. Looked him up and down, briefly, and said: “Neither have you.” Loved that. Enjoyed Jack's 'my property' dance with the Doctor and Rickston's sly knowledge of how things really stood between them. LOVED how naive the doc was about Rickston' interest in him - the “What would you get out of that?”. My favourite image from this fic though is when Slade first puts him on the bed - The Doctor’s eyes widened and for one second Rickston thought he’d stop him, ask what the hell he was doing there, but then his half raised hands fell down again and he simply clenched his fingers around the covers and closed his eyes. His entire body was tense." I could keep go on quoting but not sure how much room I have here. Anyway, it's great. I would have happily read about the entire ten hours.

Author's Response: Wow, what a gret review! Thank you so much! I actually considered writing about the entire ten hours, but the fic was getting too long already.

2008.01.29 - 12:08PM
1: Chapter 1

I agree with figaro. A second chapter or a sequal is needed to sort out the nasty Slade. He can't be allowed to get away with what he did.
Please write some more.. please please please.... pretty please, with a cherry on top? :-)

Author's Response: A seqel will indeed follow. Probably soon, bi I can\'t promise that.

2008.01.20 - 12:38AM
1: Chapter 1

This needs a chapter 2, or a sequel. And Slade needs to get his comeuppance, which in my opinion shouldn't involve death, but the loss of money, power, privilege etc.

2008.01.19 - 09:02PM
1: Chapter 1

Ugh! Poor Doctor! What a twisted sadistic creep that guy was...wish Jack could have gotten a hold of him!

2008.01.19 - 07:20AM
1: Chapter 1

I hope you're going to let Jack kick the hell out of Slade and show him EXACTLY what it's like to be in pain.
*Shudders* What a horrible man.