Reviews For The Yankee's Loot

2010.03.21 - 02:04AM
1: Chapter 1

GWTW is one of my favorite books, and you captured Scarlett's thoughts and voice beautifully. It was a little OOC for Martha to slug her, but it was too satisfying a moment to quibble over it.

2008.03.05 - 07:02PM
5: Chapter 5

I couldn't have imagined this being anything other than crack!fic, but it isn't! It really was great. I loved Scarlett's observations, how you put things into a perspective that she would understand, like the shanty/TARDIS, and the stove/console. The only thing I couldn't tell was whether the Doctor and Martha knew who she was, or if GWtW was supposed to be "real" for the purposes of this story. Whatever the case, it was funny and well done. :D

2008.03.04 - 11:39PM
5: Chapter 5

*giggling madly* Now this is an original conceit for a crossover! Agreeing with other posters that you've nailed Scarlett's practical amorality perfectly, and I liked that flash of insight regarding the 'pining for Ashley' parallel. And OOC or not, I whooped when Martha slugged her! ;)

2008.03.03 - 12:54PM
5: Chapter 5

This is a terrific story, very well done!

2008.02.27 - 09:24PM
5: Chapter 5

Here via calufrax, where this story was rec'd, and I loved it. It's been a very long time since I read GWTW, but I think you nailed Scarlett's character perfectly. How on earth did you come up with the idea for a GWTW crossover, anyway? It's strangely brilliant.

2008.02.27 - 05:25PM
5: Chapter 5

Certainly not a crossover that I would have seen as working - but you made it live, and splendidly. Well done!

2008.02.26 - 11:24PM
5: Chapter 5

I have followed your work, on and off, since I discovered you in BtVS fandom. I am so glad to see that you have the same kind of a grip on the Who characters, and your crossovers remain some of the most believable I have read. The voice was very GWTW and I can entirely see Scarlett as a Queen.

2008.02.19 - 11:06AM
5: Chapter 5

My sister mentioned this to me after you posted it on LJ and I forgot all about it until today! Never read GWTW, but that didn't impair my enjoyment of this. Not sure that Martha really would punch someone for being racist, for all she wanted to upend her bucket of water over people's heads. She's too much the Healer (though with a Warrior's Heart) to condone physical violence like that. But that was the only thing that jarred for me in your portrayal of her.

2008.02.03 - 11:58PM
5: Chapter 5

Audacious idea, wonderfully done!

2008.01.12 - 03:24AM
5: Chapter 5

I noticed this story the other day and made a note to come back and read it. Like other reviewers, I did not see how a GWTW/DW crossover could work out, but was curious enough to check it out. I am so glad I did! I liked this very much. Scarlett seems perfectly written; her basic shrewdness and practicality shine. I loved the way you used quotes from her father in her thought process. I also liked how you wrote Martha. I can see that the events in this "missing episode" would have helped her endure her visit to 1913, and eventually, help her to decide to leave the TARDIS for a while.
A bit sad to see Rose's shirt in the wardrobe; but you made me laugh too, with things like the loose hinges on all the prison cells in the universe!! Thank you for posting!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m glad that it was funny as well as sad, and that Scarlett rang true for you, even in her unusual new setting. I really appreciate the FB!

2008.01.09 - 10:10PM
5: Chapter 5

Made of the win. I've always loved Scarlett, and I'm amazed how well you made her work. I particularly loved her advice to Martha.

Author's Response: Thanks muchly! I\'m delighted you enjoyed it.

2008.01.09 - 04:51AM
1: Chapter 1

This is very good writing. I enjoyed reading this story. I love the way you captured the Doctor and Martha.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

2008.01.09 - 02:40AM
5: Chapter 5

This is wonderful, I do feel Martha behaved out of character towards Scarlett. I can understand Martha not warming to her, but Scarlett is a product of her time.
I adore GWTW and have just finished reading it (14th time) You have captured all the characters so well. Look forward to all your future work.

Author's Response: See, I saw this as early in Martha\'s journey -- not just early S3, but also early in her learning how to deal with varying attitudes in the past. Because she learns to appreciate Scarlett\'s virtues here (without sacrificing her own dignity), Martha\'s better able to deal with what\'s coming (1913, etc.) But I am glad you enjoyed the story!

2008.01.08 - 05:06PM
5: Chapter 5

Ditto everything HonorH said. It's great you've found DW fandom, as I've loved all your writings for ages.

This works scarily well. I never would have thought of the parallels between Scarlett and Martha's love lives, but there they are! Also, noticed a subtle paralleling of the Doctor and Rett; not a huge one, but there all the same. And stove!TARDISconsole! Wonderful stuff.

On the flipside, I think Martha was a bit harsh, but then again, she isn't the most understanding person in the world. I guess I think she would have taken more into consideration Scarlett's upbringing and culture, but I can see where Martha's coming from too.

Oh, now I want to read more of the adventures of the Doctor and Scarlett. Drat you and your writing prowess.

Author's Response: I tend to think Scarlett would drive the gentlest soul to distraction before long, and our feisty Martha wouldn\'t put up with her for long. But fundamentally, I think she appreciated Scarlett\'s virtues in the end. Glad you enjoyed it!

2008.01.08 - 03:07PM
5: Chapter 5

I'm delighted to find you writing Who-fic! This is, as per your usual, excellent. I wouldn't have thought a GWTW/DW crossover could work, but this does, and magnificently. Great work with all the characters, especially Martha. You know she'd have loved to have busted a few faces in 1913!

Author's Response: Hi there, Honor! I\'m so delighted to hear from you, and to know that you enjoyed this.