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2019.02.25 - 09:19PM
1: Such Disguise

Lol great story. Wishing there were more of this series.

2013.02.19 - 04:52AM
1: Such Disguise

This was great fun! I read the whole series and can't say which part I like best, but this one is among the top three! Please please please write some more for this 'verse! Pretty please?

2011.04.24 - 08:18PM
1: Such Disguise

"Back in the other universe, Alexander the Great might as well be called Alexander the Grabby, but he didnít care if you were female or male."

*dies laughing*

This is such a fun, quick excursion with Rose and Alt!Nine... such a blast to read!

2010.03.23 - 10:36PM
1: Such Disguise

I'm glad you're still out there at least. This fic is one of my favorites and I would love for it to be continued. That's a rare thing for an alternate Doctor--it's hard to love not THE Doctor alone

2010.02.03 - 09:00PM
1: Such Disguise

Well this was fun. Since you said the series has stalled out a little bit might I suggest that the Doctor and Rose make it to the anti-grav ball and run into two time agents who are somtimes known as Jack and John (but you can make up what they're calling each other)?

Author's Response: I\'m so glad you enjoyed reading. Thanks for your suggestion, but it\'s not a lack of ideas that\'s the problem; I have concepts for several more stories in this \'verse. The problem is expanding a premise into a whole plot and working out all the right words in the right order. Meanwhile, more current parts of Doctor Who inspire me and take up my limited fic time. Still, this series is dear to me, and you never know what will happen.

2009.05.27 - 02:28PM
1: Such Disguise

This is my 3rd (or 4th?) time reading through this series! It sets the standard for Alt!Nine scenarios in my opinion! I absolutely love the introspection mingled with wild adventures. You avoid having your series be so broody that it gets boring, but at the same time the inner monologues allow us to better understand the characters in between the dramatic or hilarious bits! Fantastic job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Considering the excellent quality of some of the other Alt!Nine stories out there, that\'s high praise indeed. I\'m glad you think I got the right mix of introspection and action. I wanted to explore what Rose would feel upon meeting an alternate Doctor, but at the same time these are not people who sit around and think about emotions when they could be blowing something up or cracking a joke instead.

2009.04.05 - 10:56PM
1: Such Disguise

Wow, I could have sworn I reviewed this. I come back and read through the series again sometimes, I like it so well. Any chance of an update? Happy writing. :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I\'m glad you like the series well enough to re-read it. Yes, I am trying to write an update. Unfortunately, I write slow as a sloth at the best of times, and it seems like every time I get into something of a writing groove then real life jumps up and attacks. :( Anyway, thanks again.

2009.03.23 - 01:46AM
1: Such Disguise

Yes, I have once more greedily read the series up till now! *sigh* It really does get better every time!

Author's Response: *grin* Like fine wine, I guess it impairs your ability to drive ages well. Thank you!

2008.11.16 - 04:24AM
1: Such Disguise

Heh. Sometimes I swear Shakespeare was just the forerunner of fanfiction writers, what with all the cliches he used. I'd love to see how you turn Midsummer Night's Dream on its head, but please to stay away from Romeo and Juliet, kthanx.

Author's Response: Thanks! Shakespeare definitely proved that sometimes the originality of the story you tell is less important than the skill with which you tell it. Don\'t worry, the tragedies are safe from anything more than brief and loving allusions.

2008.09.13 - 05:07PM
1: Such Disguise

Would love to see more of this series.

Author's Response: Thanks! RL, writer\'s block, and unrelated plot bunnies have been keeping me from it, but I DO intend to continue it eventually.

2008.08.03 - 05:06AM
1: Such Disguise

oh please tell me there is going to be more of this series!!!! I really do love it!

Author's Response: Thanks for the love! I still have a couple more stories in mind for this series, but the next one sort of stalled out on me. I intend to get it moving again, but I have several other plot bunnies hopping for my attention too. In short, yes, but not soon.

2008.07.05 - 10:05PM
1: Such Disguise

I loved this ficlet. The drag was great. What was up with the "bad wolf"? Just turning it into a coincidence? I got this great visual of the Doctor in drag, but I coudn't see ninth Doctor...tenth would be kinda cute though.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked! Thanks for reviewing. The \"bad wolf\" references are happening in every story in this series. Eventually I hope to write a story explaining why, but for now the words are just following the Doctor & Rose around, being enigmatic. This story is comedic, and thus the Bad Wolf reference is too. You can find pictures of Tennant in drag online. (have fun!) I haven\'t seen any of Eccleston. I\'m not sure he would be a *convincing* woman, but I do think those gorgeous lips and bone structure of his would look strangely hot in makeup.

2008.01.21 - 09:31PM
1: Such Disguise

(grin) That was fun. And I liked the little bit where Rose was wondering whether he was "her" Doctor, and whether she was being "unfaithful" to her universe's Doctor.

Author's Response: Thanks! I wanted to do something to make this relevant to the larger arc of the series, so I\'m glad you appreciated it.

2008.01.13 - 08:54PM
1: Such Disguise

Loads of fun! I love a good cross-dressing fic, and being felt up by a Queen is an exciting new adventure for Rose! Major kudos for the Alice in Wonderland reference as well.

Author's Response: Traveling with the Doctor is something new every day! Thanks so much.

2008.01.09 - 07:14AM
1: Such Disguise

This was fantastic! And brilliant! And off with their heads - I can't believe she said that! I just about died laughing due to Alice in Wonderland flashbacks.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked the unexpected Alice moment!