Reviews For Pas De Trois

2013.09.04 - 04:48AM
3: Part Three

Aero... I still have a gnawing tightness in my belly... Want to wake the hubby up but, he has to work early... My loss! That was one of the most amazing love scenes I've ever read!!! Need to go dig in the draw before I read any more of your stories!! GUH!!!

2013.09.04 - 03:47AM
1: Part One

My heart just broke for Jack... I wish had heard more...

2010.01.23 - 09:06AM
3: Part Three


Trying to be coherent here, but... AWWWWW!

Given time, he would come to realize that all three sides and all three angles were equally dependent and necessary. With a crooked smile that acknowledged Jack's uncertainty, the Doctor lifted one eyebrow in feigned surprise. “Why would I want to do that?”

Is perfect. i love how they are all broken and hurting and in pain, each in their own way, and it takes all three of them coming together to heal each of them.

Beautiful. Thank you.

2008.01.10 - 03:44PM
3: Part Three

YAY for OT3 smut! This was a wonderful plot rich story. Thanks for the great read!

2008.01.09 - 10:23PM
3: Part Three

That was great! Oh man.. dating?!! I really can't wait, lol!

2008.01.09 - 01:35AM
3: Part Three

Been enjoying these but been lousy about reviewing on a regular basis. Glad to see a proper OT3 ending for everyone (my definition of a proper happy ending for these 3). ;) We can has AU nao? I'd hate to see Team TARDIS split up after this!!

Author's Response: If I were emperor of the universe, these three would never split up. Well, maybe once in a while, but only as a set-up for a reunion fic. Thanks for reading.

2008.01.09 - 12:53AM
3: Part Three


Author's Response: Thank you!

2008.01.08 - 11:22PM
3: Part Three

*iz ded*
Seriously, that was so damn HOT!!! Fantastic balance of emotion, and descriptiveness, and heat.....
What was I saying?
*brain goes all 'splody*

Author's Response: Thank you! ;-)

2008.01.08 - 10:34PM
3: Part Three

*oozes up from puddle to type review*

Congratulations, you've officially earned your penname. Wow! Lucky girl, that Rose.

*slops into puddle again*

Author's Response: We-ell.....can\'t \"officially\" earn the name until I\'m adopted by five rockers from Boston.......but that\'s another fandom. Thanks for reading!

2008.01.08 - 10:02PM
3: Part Three

Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes. That's what I'm talkin' about. Gorgeous OT3, and this is truly OT3 now, smut. No-one's the shorter side of the triangle, everyone's equal and it's simply marvelous. Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to the upcoming dates *g*

Author's Response: I\'ve decided dating is much easier to write than angst-ing. Thanks for reading!

2008.01.08 - 10:00PM
3: Part Three

Ah, now that's more like it! :)

“Yeah. Looks like you won't be able to get rid of either of us now.”

The Doctor thought about it for a few seconds before understanding that Jack had not yet fully accepted the import of the evening's revelations - he still considered himself the short side of the triangle. Given time, he would come to realize that all three sides and all three angles were equally dependent and necessary. With a crooked smile that acknowledged Jack's uncertainty, the Doctor lifted one eyebrow in feigned surprise. “Why would I want to do that?”

Love that :) Finally, Jack knows Rose loves him. The Doctor knows they love and want him too. And he's given up his ridiculous 'once only' objection. Yay!

And more in the series? Looking forward to the dating!

Author's Response: Whew, I\'ve redeemed myself! Thanks yet again! ;-)

2008.01.08 - 08:08PM
2: Part Two

I held off posting a review because I'm honestly not sure what I thought of this chapter. I think the mental contact (and it was one hell of an intrustion, really) made it a bit too easy for them, and I also felt bad about the Doctor being very much the third person on the side. But that's the way you did it and I'm glad, at least, that Jack's going nowhere.

Now... You've got an author's note up for the third chapter, but the third chapter's not been validated yet so we can't read it, so I'm making this comment here: Unless it's a massive bluff, I'm really disappointed that you seem to have included what is a massive spoiler for the third chapter in that author's note - which we get to see before we read the chapter. :( No comment so far about how I feel about the event you've spoiled for - I'll wait until I read the chapter. But, honestly, I would prefer to have read the chapter unspoiled :(

Author's Response: I had no idea the author note would show up before the chapter was validated (it\'s twenty minutes later now, and the chapter is available). Sorry about that. However, if you\'re expecting what I think you\'re expecting, you may still be pleasantly surprised. Call it a teaser rather than a spoiler. Okay, maybe? Still I hope you\'ll read the chapter when it shows up.....your reviews so far have pushed me to clean up a lot of dangling ends!!

Author's Response: 2nd Response.....Sorry, the third chapter is NOT validated yet, I was looking in the wrong place! I will definitely remember the \"author note\" issue for the future.

2008.01.08 - 01:51PM
2: Part Two

Beautiful...fantastic...but now the Doctor gave too much....HELP!!

2008.01.08 - 12:48PM
2: Part Two

How emotionally beautiful and sad.

2008.01.08 - 08:04AM
2: Part Two

But...but... Doctor! Next chapter yesterday, please? Excellent stuff, as always. Though I do feel sorry for the Doctor putting himself on the sidelines, not to mention the whole bit where he's drained himself so much that... Gah! More! ;)