Reviews For Table Dance

2013.09.04 - 03:35AM
2: Part Two

And we all knew he would be torn if she was injured after sharing a bed with her (and Jack), and we all know that's WHY he doesn't want to get involved with his companions! Doesn't make it easier to watch the guys so guilt ridden! Great job!!! Keep writing! I'll keep reading!

2011.06.29 - 03:18PM
2: Part Two

Will you be continuing this story? I love it SO MUCH! *grins*


2011.01.10 - 10:55PM
2: Part Two

I think this is really good. I can't wait to read more! There was a lot to this story that I didn't expect and I warmed up to it really quickly. Can't wait for the next chapter!

2008.01.06 - 01:59AM
2: Part Two

Can't wait for more! :-)

Author's Response: Next story begins this afternoon.....I hope! Thanks for reading.

2008.01.06 - 12:06AM
2: Part Two

Beautiful....I'm loving this series!

Author's Response: Thank you!

2008.01.05 - 12:01PM
2: Part Two

Oooh, I like it x

Author's Response: I\'m glad so many people seem to be enjoying my little scribbles.

2008.01.05 - 11:52AM
2: Part Two

Awww. She really did need to make both of them better, didn't she? I love the little hints that there's a lot more to Jack than he's showing her (not surprising), and the obvious bond between the three of them, even if it's only Jack and Rose in an ongoing relationship.

This is so true of Nine and Rose:

God, she hated that cold, distant light in his eyes - not because it reminded her that he was not human, but because she had spent so much effort melting that ice away only to have it reform time and again. She understood there were some things he would never get over, but she refused to let him add to his burden of guilt because of her.

Loved that. And now I'll be waiting patiently for the next story in the series :)

Author's Response: It always comes back to the eyes with Nine (okay, I mean CE), doesn\'t it? Or is it just that my favorite color is blue? ;-}

2008.01.05 - 09:45AM
2: Part Two

*hugs all of them* Their fear and guilt is so very poignant in this story. Rose helps, yes, but I do wonder what's next for these three...

Author's Response: I\'ve been hugging them all summer and fall - it\'s nice to share the burden at last!!! ;-}

2008.01.05 - 09:41AM
2: Part Two

Oh dear - her boys are in a bit of a mess aren't they? Really looking forward to the next story to see where this goes.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. More soon....

2008.01.05 - 02:41AM
1: Part One

I love that the TARDIS warms rooms for Rose :) Loved the rest of it as well.

Author's Response: The TARDIS will make more cameo appearances, I promise.

2008.01.04 - 08:00PM
1: Part One

What's most evident to me here is that all three of them love each other - that 'be careful' from the Doctor to Jack and Jack's concern for the Doctor after Rose is hurt make that clear. Though I did love Rose and Jack's panicked need for each other when they got back to the TARDIS.

I'm really looking forward to finding out what happened after the end of the last story, though!

Author's Response: Patience, m\'dear! There actually is a method to this madness. ;-)

2008.01.04 - 07:58PM
1: Part One

Oh no! Poor Rose :( Both the Doctor and Jack are so torn up about this. I suppose I should be more concerned about them, than Rose. But yes. As always, a very vivid story. I look forward to the next installment!

Author's Response: I think (hope) Rose\'s reactions will come clear in the second half. Thanks for sticking with me!