Reviews For Smutty New Year

2014.01.20 - 08:36PM
1: Chapter One

He takes a step backwards, then another, and she moves with him, feeling leather, wool, belt buckle and maybe something more. Maybe. She still doesn't know where they're going, but suddenly she's not sure it matters.

It doesn't matter when you take us- as long as it's Rose and it's Nine, it' s amazing and hot and guh. You OWN Nine.

Author's Response: I 'own' Nine? Well... there's a thought. ;)

2009.09.04 - 12:26AM
3: Chapter Three

Now thats the way to start a new year. Possessive, sexy and disturbingly exciting at being a little public. Hot hot hot.

Author's Response: Really pleased that you liked it. :D

2008.01.16 - 01:09AM
1: Chapter One

three words, infinite mental images... #O_O# meow. i love me some Nine!

Author's Response: Nine!love! Yes indeedy! :)

2008.01.16 - 01:07AM
3: Chapter Three

im blushing like a sunburn XD seriously, whoo! *is reduced to speechless goo*

Author's Response: Blushing? Heavens, why? ;)

2008.01.16 - 12:58AM
2: Chapter Two

oh, you fiend XD how you torture us in this fic hehe i just know im gonna explode at some point. yeesh... Rose, you lucky female! the Doctor in general is friggin awesome, but Nine (and the way you write him! O_O).... ooh. no words

Author's Response: Ha! So now I\'m a \'fiend\'. :) Great!

2008.01.13 - 09:59PM
3: Chapter Three

Very steamy little series! I do so love me a growly, jealous Nine. Public sex while it's snowing with Rose wearing a little gold dress? Absolutely fantastic.

Author's Response: I\'m sure he was only trying to warm her up. He\'s nice like that. She must have been freezing in such a skimpy little dress. ;)

2008.01.13 - 09:36AM
3: Chapter Three

Ohh that was fantastic!
And I LOVE posessive Nine! :D

Author's Response: Nine is teh HOT, as always.

2008.01.07 - 06:19PM
3: Chapter Three

See? Guh, guh, guh, guh....oh God! Now that's how New Year's should be spent...

Author's Response: *grins* Thank you!

2008.01.07 - 09:10AM
3: Chapter Three

Steamy standing-up sex in the snow!
Possessive passionate Nine!

Uh, what was I saying?


Author's Response: Possessive Nine is always hot, and I do so love to write him like that. I\'m glad you enjoy reading him that way, too. :)

2008.01.07 - 01:26AM
3: Chapter Three

That was great!! :-D

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

2008.01.06 - 09:11PM
3: Chapter Three

Oh, my. And a happy New Year to you, too. It was brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

2008.01.06 - 06:28PM
3: Chapter Three

She breaks. She comes apart. She falls. She burns.

Oh, yeah, that's the good stuff right there. Mm-hmm.

Haven't forgotten about your late-birthday fic, btw. It's just taking a tad longer than I thought, as another Plot Poodle has been tugging at my leg. But it's coming. Oh, is it ever!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, for the review, and for the birthday fic. :)

2008.01.06 - 05:41PM
3: Chapter Three

*incoherent wail*


*gets up*


*gets up*


OK I think I will stay down here in a puddle of my own drool.....


Author's Response: Girl, I really think you need a cushion to \'Thud\' onto. You\'re gonna hurt yourself! ;)

2008.01.06 - 05:30PM
3: Chapter Three

Brilliant, hot and just fantatsic! Just what the doctor ordered ;)

Author's Response: Thank you, so much. :)

2008.01.06 - 05:10PM
3: Chapter Three

Woah,that was so incredible hot.

Author's Response: Thank you!