Reviews For The Doctor Dances

2013.09.03 - 08:31PM
2: Part Two

That was beautiful... The mental connection, let alone the physical, is written so gorgeously it's almost as if we're the ones sitting n that armchair! Now, you're headcanon on how the Doctor can't get off without multiple partners doesn't mesh with mine (I would love to see him have some quiet time with just Rose), it was still a completely HOT preminse! Carry on...

2008.10.02 - 05:29AM
2: Part Two

Okay...I found it !! Wonderful!! I wish he would just accept that this is them and not make it one night!!

2008.01.04 - 01:27AM
2: Part Two

Intoxicatingly beautiful!

2008.01.03 - 06:57AM
2: Part Two

Daaamn, that was HOTTT!!! You captured all the emotions and feelings perfectly. And if the Doctor thinks they're going to let him go now, well......

2008.01.03 - 12:48AM
2: Part Two

Wow! The first chapter was fantastic, but this...this was something else. I *love* that you had Rose being a little hesitant, because as much as I adore Rose/Doctor/Jack, it is a little...unconventional for the time period that Rose comes from. Her reactions were so real, and I love the way that she adjusted!

Silly Nine....thinking that this will be a one night thing. I'm really looking forward to Rose and Jack convincing him that it's much much more than that. :D Can't wait to see what you have planned for them next!

2008.01.02 - 07:48PM
2: Part Two

Brilliant. Wonderful. :) You've gone from writing delicious Jack/Rose to writing amazing OT3 smut, which I always adore when it's done well, as this is.

I loved the way the Doctor brought Jack in, and how Jack didn't hesitate - yeah, he wouldn't, but he was feeling jealous and left out. Now that he knows he's wanted as well, he's just as happy and in control as ever. And, as Gillian says, I like the way Rose hesitates - this is such a new experience for her, and even though she's the one who wanted the Doctor there it clearly never occurred to her that he and Jack might get it on.

And I loved the end, the snuggling together, all three happy and safe and comfortable with each other. As for the Doctor's protest that this will never happen again, I think he liked this a bit more than he's willing to admit... and I think that Jack and Rose are capable of being very persuasive. Love this series!

Author's Response: I almost couldn\'t get Rose out of that little glitch, until the line about watching her planet die came to me. Seemed like just the sort of ballsy thing she would say. Thanks for reading!

2008.01.02 - 07:44PM
2: Part Two

Oh wow. That Rose was so incredibly real in this - her momentary inability to accept the Doctor going down on Jack, then her firm determination to get through that discomfort. Loved that bit. And that the Doctor needed them both to come to completion...lovely stuff. Simply lovely. And there was always that hint of angst beneath the passion. Gorgeous stuff, as always. I look forward to what you come up with next :)

Author's Response: Never fear, there\'s more angst to come (pun intended)! Thanks for reading!

2008.01.02 - 12:19AM
1: Part One

This is really great! I sort of feel bad for Jack. Not in a bad way, just, I dunno, the poor thing seems to be so left out. I can't wait to see what happens next.

2008.01.01 - 09:12PM
1: Part One

Guess I didn't notice that part one in the title....cause leaving it there sure caught me by surprise!
Agree with the others here...very sweet, sensual lovemaking.
Greatly enjoying this whole series.....

Author's Response: Thank you, I\'ve had a lot of fun writing these little scenes.

2008.01.01 - 06:45PM
1: Part One

Oh my ... this is the most sensitive, delicate lovemaking scene I believe I've ever read. I've already read it three times, and am going back for the fourth ... hope we have more soon?

2008.01.01 - 05:56PM
1: Part One

Oh wow. Absolutely gorgeous stuff. It's the perfect balance of sensual bliss and angst. Jack's fears of losing her are so close to the surface. I love that Rose noticed he's afraid and that the Doctor knows this as well. And the lovemaking itself was absolutely beautiful. I do hope that the Doctor and Rose will now turn their attentions to Jack, because he needs to know that he's not losing her, he's gaining the Doctor, too.

Author's Response: Oh.....there\'ll be twists and turns aplenty in the future, and that\'s all I have to say about that! Thanks for reading.

2008.01.01 - 05:55PM
1: Part One

Wow... just... wow!

2008.01.01 - 05:51PM
1: Part One

Oh, wow. Thank you for getting this posted so quickly! And such a lovely long chapter, too :)

You're doing a great job of giving us lovely, sensual lovemaking, with Rose being caressed by two men at once, but at the same time pure angst. Poor Jack, thinking he's going to lose her!

Why was he doing this? Why was he offering Rose to the one being who could take her from him? He was not ready to let her go yet - had only recently admitted to himself that he might never be ready - and here he was practically ensuring her defection.

Rose is seeing the sadness in his eyes - does she know what he's afraid of? She's got to have worked out that he's not looking forward to seeing the Doctor inside her. And as for the Doctor, it's clear that he knows Jack feels threatened. So I'm just hoping that Jack's got some loving attention coming his way very soon, at both their hands :) He deserves it!

Author's Response: I\'m glad you\'re still enjoying the saga. Really though, given my obvious bias towards Jack, do you think I will leave him out in the cold much longer????