Reviews For Chip Fight

2009.05.17 - 05:23PM
1: Chip Fight

*huggles* this made my day! .... hold on.... that would actually be, that made my night! Oh forget it, whatever time of day it is, this story made it! GO YOU!

2008.10.14 - 04:27PM
1: Chip Fight

Yey! Chip fight! I'm sat here now giggling with glee. Thanks!

Author's Response: lol - thanks! I\'m glad it gave you giggling joy ;D

2007.12.31 - 10:49AM
1: Chip Fight

Oh nicely done - certainly brought a smile to my lips. Excellent bit of fluff!!

Author's Response: yay! thankyou - I\'m glad the fluff wasn\'t too ... well... fluffy *grins*

2007.12.31 - 07:58AM
1: Chip Fight

Rose gaped in horror as he threw the chip, not that she was overly concerned with school rules but it was a waste of a perfectly good chip.

What a perfectly perfect Rose line. And the kissing! *swoons*

Author's Response: lol gotta love Rose and her love of chips... glad you liked it! *grins and hands over a pillow in case the floor\'s a bit hard*

2007.12.31 - 07:54AM
1: Chip Fight

Thank you for this sweet fluffy post! Very fun!

Author's Response: lol anytime - glad you liked it!