Reviews For Dance Lessons

2013.09.03 - 07:40PM
3: Part Three

One word, Aero... guh...

2008.10.02 - 05:02AM
3: Part Three

So where is it then? I have just read this and I want more. It was so good!!

2007.12.31 - 01:58AM
3: Part Three

Guh! Can't wait to see what the Doctor will do! And I hope you give us a happy OT3 ending.....because I don't think that any of them will be ok if Rose chooses the Doctor or if the Doctor sticks to his one time only line. Can't wait for more!

2007.12.31 - 01:53AM
3: Part Three

That was fantastic! I loved the way Jack presented everything to the Doctor, and also how he showed him where her sweet spots were, lol. Really wonderfully great! Can't wait to read more!!!

2007.12.30 - 11:38PM
3: Part Three

Yes, this is a huge gamble for Jack, because he must be aware that there's every possibility Rose will choose the Doctor after this - and that the Doctor's insistence that it'll only happen once will fade away once he's been with Rose.

But I know you're not going to do that to us, right? Right?

Next story soon, yes?

2007.12.30 - 10:24PM
3: Part Three

Mmmmmph -- can't say I like as what Jack's doing to himself in this sequence. I hope Rose and the Doc prove worthy of his willingness to sacrifice (potentially, anyway) something so near and dear to him. Poor Jack, always takin' one for the team.

However, again, it's realistic enough -- no complaints there.

2007.12.30 - 10:09PM
3: Part Three

Ack! And you leave us hanging there! That was SO HOT!! Can't wait for the Doctor to "dance"!

2007.12.30 - 01:07PM
2: Part Two

Oh, this is fascinating! So different from any other threesome fic I've read with these three. Here, Jack really is taking a risk - he's always known that Rose loved the Doctor first. He knows he could lose her here.

And, as for the Doctor:
I'll come and watch, and then we'll see. But if I do give in, you'll have the job of convincing her after that it won't happen again. I won't push you out of the bed you've made for yourself. As to that, if and when the time comes, Captain, you'll be there with me and Rose if you can bear it. The real Cyrano was quite a character, but he always regretted missing out on that threesome.

...I think his feelings for both of them are stronger than he's ready to admit. He's more of a coward than Jack, clearly.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:\'ll give the ending away! ;-) Thanks for sticking with me so far.....

2007.12.30 - 10:01AM
2: Part Two

Great banter between Jack and the Doctor. Jack admitting his feelings about Rose and still asking the Doctor to share their bed in quite telling. I like that the Doctor agreed to watch but wouldn't try to push Jack out of Rose's bed. Honorable. I wouldn't expect anything less of the Doctor.

Now, will it actually go down that way? Emotions are pesky and unpredictable like that. :)

Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you! I really was afraid I\'d gone too far with the counterproductive emotions. Of course, we don\'t have Rose\'s opinion on the subject yet, do we?

2007.12.29 - 05:55PM
1: Part One

Ooh, more of this series! Brilliant! So both Rose and Jack are in over their heads, are they? I can see, too, why neither of them have the courage to bare their feelings.

And Jack all set to seduce the Doctor? I hope, for the Doctor's sake, that they can broaden the emotional side of their relationship to embrace him too, otherwise they'll be heading for disaster.

More soon? Please?

2007.12.29 - 02:59PM
1: Part One

Hmmmm -- Rose and Jack seem to be falling into the trap of "relationship in (possible) trouble: add more people" that's a running joke in poly circles . . . hopefully they'll get past that as a motivation, since it tends to wreck a relationship rather than save it (and brings in another person to be part of the train wreck, for added "fun").

OTOH, their thoughts and emotions here are very *realistic* (if people didn't act that way, it wouldn't be a catchphrase) -- I think you've done an excellent job in this chapter, and in the previous stories (sorry, lousy reviewer sometimes).

But, oh, Jack -- I think you blew it when you took the shirt off. That's a little more in-your-face than I think Nine would be happy about . . . (though I could be wrong). ;)

Author's Response: Consider Nine, though......notices everything, makes no comment until he\'s forced to. Our silver-tongued devil needed a sure way to open the conversation. I just hope half-naked Jack won\'t be too distracting for the audience......

2007.12.29 - 02:37PM
1: Part One

OK, so here we go.....and what a place to leave it! Can't wait to see how Jack does this!

Author's Response: I\'m beginning to feel like Santa, doling out the chapters one by one. Socks and sweaters first, then the Wii.

2007.12.29 - 12:50PM
1: Part One

Wow, is it getting hot in here, or is it the story? Love the way Jack is feeling about Rose, and can't wait to see if the Doctor joins in!