Reviews For First Dance

2013.09.03 - 06:19AM
3: Chapter 3

That was amazing... Jack was so sweet, sexy, sad... Very hot. I think Rose does love Jack very much, just not in love with him...

Great work! I enjoyed this story thoroughly!

2010.02.17 - 04:32PM
3: Chapter 3

This was excellent. Great sensory details, ALMOST but not quite over the top on the porn, with a bittersweet touch to the ending. Loved it, and I'll be reading the rest of this series, I think. :D

2010.01.22 - 01:26PM
3: Chapter 3

Beautifully done. I love the close view on the development of Jack's emotions. The way he falls hard despite his best efforts, and the pain he feels when he thinks he can never have what he thought he'd never want...

2008.01.28 - 09:22AM
2: Chapter 2

Absolutely perfect! You've got Rose and Jack just captured perfectly here. I especially loved Jack's voice, the words you chose for him. This is so hot and so warm, too---Poor Jack is doomed!

2008.01.11 - 12:46PM
3: Chapter 3

I love these three! By the second chapter I needed a cold shower already. You do a fabulous job showing both the emotional and physical intensity on Jack's side, that he's having very atypical feelings while he's making love to Rose. And poor Jack and Rose, if only they could just have an honest talk about the very confusing emotions they're having at the end, I'm sure everyone would be happy. I'm hoping the Doctor gets over whatever is stopping him and leaps into the fray! Hot and sweetly emotional tale.

2008.01.03 - 07:15PM
1: First Dance

This whole series is beautiful. And very hot indeed! I have something for you, over on LJ -

Author's Response: (Responding here because LJ does not like my home computer, or vice versa).....Ooh, that\'s a lovely illustration, that is! Perfect! Now all I have to do is come up with a nekkid scene in the console room - although there is the kitchen story coming up, and we don\'t know for sure how the walls look in the TARDIS kitchen, do we? And thank you so much for including the link to my series with your posts - the more readers the merrier!

I just have to repeat it one more time - that image is GORGEOUS!

2007.12.31 - 12:42AM
3: Chapter 3

That was wonderful! It honestly has me all choked up! I can't wait to read the next chapter! Jack is definitely believable and I just.. awww. I love watching his reactions and thoughts. I really love his point of view. That's pretty much all that's going through my head. Really, I'm all choked up! Can't wait for more!

2007.12.27 - 05:34PM
1: First Dance

BEAUTIFULLY written! Can't call it plain smut, it's so emotionally beautiful, but lovemaking is a rather bland term for what Rose & Jack are doing. It's ... HOT, HOT, HOT! And now I need to stick my head in the freezer for a while ....

2007.12.26 - 05:23PM
3: Chapter 3

Oh, my. This is some of the loveliest smut I've read in a long time.

2007.12.25 - 05:30AM
3: Chapter 3

Whoa. I started out expecting light, friendly smut, much like Jack himself, ;) but you caught me off guard and made me a mushy puddle on the floor. The whole scene with Jack and Rose in the window was enough to do that.

And then you shattered my heart into a million little pieces! *hugs Jack tight* And I'm still mush on the ground.

I absolutely loved this. And I can hardly wait for the next story!

2007.12.25 - 02:56AM
3: Chapter 3

OMG! Some of the best smut!fic I've ever read!! (And that's saying something, because I read a lot of smut!fic.) Plus it was sweet and tender, and very well-written in general. Awesome!!

2007.12.24 - 04:32PM
1: First Dance

Whoa, this was _so_ hot.

2007.12.24 - 04:09PM
3: Chapter 3

Love this! Jack and Rose, one of my favourite Who couples (when I'm not holding out for the OT3 ;) ). Love Jack getting caught in a net of his own making, quite apart from the hot sensuality of it.

So, another story in the series - is this where the Doctor begins to have second thoughts about sending them off to play without him and wants to play too? ;)

Oh, and you should really post this on available_very on LJ :)

Author's Response: Actually, there is more than one more story ( you believe six more? maybe seven?) Anyway, lots of OT3 in the future. And thanks for the reminder about LJ......going there now.

2007.12.24 - 04:08AM
1: First Dance

Definitely have my attention. Looking forward to more. Hope Nine gets over his hang ups.

2007.12.23 - 07:48PM
1: First Dance

AH! I like it! :) Update soon? This could get interesting between the three of them.

Author's Response: Yes, it will get very interesting at some point - at least I hope so! And I\'m thinking, since I\'m sure that everyone here has been very, very nice all year, I\'ll put the remaining two chapters of this story in your stockings tomorrow sometime.