2009.01.04 - 04:52PM
1: First Bit

ROFL! This was priceless! :) I adore Jack and his Doctor together.

Thank you for sharing!

2008.03.20 - 11:26AM
1: First Bit

This is a masterpiece. I've read it before and it made me crack up so much. You make the characters so believable. What makes it great is that you can keep reading it over and over again, and it still makes you laugh.

Loved it. Brilliant plot and I hope to read more stories from you =)

2007.12.22 - 11:13PM
1: First Bit

Hee! I remember seeing this over at lj some time ago (and loving it) so I was absolutely delighted to see it here! :D


I hope you write more of this pairing - this was hilarious! :D