2012.06.29 - 10:52PM
4: Chapter 4

I don't normally like long non-actiony fics, but this was gorgeous. Wonderful job.

2012.06.06 - 08:38PM
1: Chapter 1

I'm going to die. Or my teeth will rot. Either way, it will be fantastic.

2010.06.15 - 09:17PM
1: Chapter 1

I read this a while ago, but didn't save it to my favourites, and wasn't registered at the time so couldn't post a review. I thought about it earlier though, and spent hours hunting till I found it again.

Despite the odd spelling/wrong word type error (doesn't everyone do this though) this is beautifully written, and is now on my favs list.

I would also like to add that it's a good thing I was sitting down to read this, as even on my second read, the way you describe that kiss under the mistletoe still made my knees go weak.

2009.11.19 - 07:21AM
4: Chapter 4

I'm still so depressed after Waters of Mars that I've come back to some of my favourite stories to cheer me up. This one always makes me smile with its tenderness and quirky innuendo. I feel better already.

2009.10.19 - 06:09AM
1: Chapter 1

What a beautiful story. Hard to believe Christmas is only 2 months away. I guess for Doctor and Rose it can be anytime but how special this one is for them. Lovely fic definitely a favourite.

2009.06.30 - 09:40AM
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I squeed over this one!!!! Lovely! You sent a cool winter breeze into the heat of a Southern Summer! Thanks!!!!

2008.09.19 - 09:28AM
4: Chapter 4

That was absolutly lovely! I love the gift idea's, especially the Doctor's last one to Rose. The crystal. That was such a sweet idea! This was so warm and fluffy, it was wonderful. Thanks. :)

2008.09.19 - 08:36AM
2: Chapter 2

lol, great cliffie! Good ol' Jackie. She's the best mum character out of all three of the companion and you've written her perefctly! : )

2008.09.19 - 08:17AM
1: Chapter 1

lol, This sounds great! Perhaps I should have waited till we're closer to christmas but it's so cold here, it might well as be. lol. I'm looking forward to what Rose picks out for the Doctor. What does a 900 year old Time Lord want for christmas? Hmm... he he.

2008.06.22 - 01:45PM
1: Chapter 1

I love everything about this story! They are so cute shopping in harrods (with the sample foods and such)... and the "oh, it's gonna mean something" was fabulous! I've already read it twice. Thankyou for writing this. It manages to be totally in character, super sweet AND sexy all at the same time.

2007.12.27 - 09:19PM
4: Chapter 4

Fluff meter? What fluff meter? That made my fluff meter spill over to 7th Heaven and dribble on Christmas for next year, too! Oh, yummmmmm! Thank you....

Author's Response: I\'m so happy you enjoyed the fic so much. I loved writing this fluff, so thank you for reviewing!

2007.12.25 - 02:01AM
4: Chapter 4

On the first day of Christmas, dettiot gave to me (and the rest of the internet) a truly lovely piece of Ten/Rose fluff...in a tree.

Author's Response: [giggles at the image of Ten and Rose sitting in a Christmas tree] I\'m so pleased you enjoyed the fic--thank you for reviewing, and happy holidays!

2007.12.23 - 01:49PM
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Oooh yay! :D :D :D :D :D

I tell you what -- I didn't half need that!
That was better than a mug of hot chocolate.

Author's Response: Awww, I like having my fics be compared to hot chocolate! Thank you so much for reviewing.

2007.12.23 - 01:49PM
4: Chapter 4

Tears of joy, I loved it!!!!! Oh, so sweet. Merry Christmas!!!!!

Author's Response: I\'m so happy you liked my fic! Thank you so much for reviewing, and happy holidays!

2007.12.23 - 01:11PM
4: Chapter 4

Amazing! I absolutely LOVE the way you ended this!

Author's Response: I\'m so glad you liked the ending--I rewrote it because I didn\'t like my original conclusion, so I\'m happy that work has paid off. Thank you for reviewing!