Reviews For Food of Love

2009.08.11 - 01:21PM
7: Part 6/6: Epilogue and Endnotes

Incredible. I love how well the music paralleled the story. The music for each character was so them, and the composition for all three of them was hauntingly beautiful and matched the images you wove with your words. I've never had a multimedia fanfic experience quite like this one.

2009.07.10 - 03:02AM
7: Part 6/6: Epilogue and Endnotes

crazy, this is the only fanfic I've ever read like this. I makes the silly song fics seem even sillier. The music it's self was very haunting, I want to go find a good book with a castle to curl up with now!

2009.03.07 - 08:11PM
1: Forward

Wow, this is great! I think your collaboration of music and the written word is really cool, and definitely something different. I enjoyed the music a lot, and the fic was really well done. It was good!

2008.01.10 - 11:25PM
7: Part 6/6: Epilogue and Endnotes

You're officially one of my most favorite authors. Not only was the music perfect for the story (or is that the other way around?) but the way you could describe how it felt to play and create it, to be perfectly honest, made me a bit jealous; because when I try I just end up gesturing like a maniac and then giving up. :) You're compositions were gorgeous and it really made the piece. What really shows the writing quality is that it would still be an awsome piece without them. You could really feel for the Doctor in this too.
Definitly one of your best.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for that beautiful review! I\'m glad you enjoyed the story and the music and the combination of the two. Thank you again for reviewing! :-)

2007.12.30 - 03:21PM
1: Forward

I just wanted to drop by again and say how much I love this, idea, clips, story, everything. I've left more detailed feedback on LJ (it's easier to comment there!), but I definitely wanted to note it here, too.

Author's Response: Thank you again for all your comments! I\'m so glad you enjoyed the fic. :-)

2007.12.19 - 09:18AM
1: Forward

Hi, it's nina_ds from LJ, this is my TSP name.

I've been hibernating from LJ for the last several days because I was trying to write my own story, but I was saving files to read later...and this was on the top of my pile even before I knew it was "mine"! Did you know I am a musician? Because this couldn't be more perfect!

I'm in the midst of Christmas hell and I really want to sit down and savour this in great detail before reviewing "properly", but I just wanted to thank you profusely now. Thank you!

Author's Response: Hi! I\'ve also been avoiding the intarwebs in general, finishing the semester and surviving the busy holiday season, so I completely understand. But I\'m glad you de-lurked long enough to check in on this story! As for magically knowing that you\'re a musician... I actually did know. I kinda sorta stalked you a bit on your LJ because I had no idea what to write for you. I\'m so so so happy to hear that you like the idea, and I\'m really looking forward to hearing what you think of the whole thing! :-)

2007.12.18 - 06:57PM
7: Part 6/6: Epilogue and Endnotes

I think this fic is absolutely genius. Not only in the writing, but in your composing as well. Genius.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m glad you liked the story and the music. :-)

2007.12.17 - 05:45PM
7: Part 6/6: Epilogue and Endnotes

This was so beautiful, and different for my favorite threesome.....I just loved it!

Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for reviewing! :-)

2007.12.17 - 10:19AM
7: Part 6/6: Epilogue and Endnotes

This was a beautiful fic. And I loved the fact that you linked the sound files, it certainly adds to the experience.
I loved the museum, no museum about music should be without the opportunity to really experience it . (Like the Mozart house in Vienna, where you can listen to tapes or play music with the help of touch sensitive notes)

Author's Response: I agree about the museum, which is pretty much why I decided to set the story in one! I\'m glad you enjoyed the story and the music, and thank you for commenting! :-)

2007.12.17 - 09:13AM
7: Part 6/6: Epilogue and Endnotes

Surpassingly lovely, story and music both. I shall be speechless for a while, I think. I loved Rose and Jack's song (it felt like a celebration), and the lullaby, and the recorder piece almost tempts me to dig out my own recorder and try to work out how to play it (or maybe just dance). And Come With Me fitted perfectly with them, title included. I am a melted puddle of glee.

Author's Response: Yay for melted puddles of glee! I actually originally envisioned Rose\'s recorder as an ocarina, because I have recently fallen in love with ocarinas, purchased two, and had fun playing with them. But Come With Me is done with Celtic harp and recorder, so recorder it was. Like Rose in this story, I had to learn recorder as a grade-schooler. I still have my old one, too! I\'m so glad you liked the story and the music, and thank you for reviewing. :-)

2007.12.17 - 07:38AM
7: Part 6/6: Epilogue and Endnotes

That, all of that, was absolutely beautiful. It was a gorgeous snippet of what had to have been one of the best days off they've ever had. I think of all the snippets, the one that struck me the most was the one where the Doctor sat down at the harp of Rassilon. Absolutely gorgeous, both that and the music. Thank you so much for sharing this and thank you so much, again, for joining in the ficathon.

Author's Response: The harp (of Rassilon) was my favorite part to write, both the fic and the music. Thank you for running the ficathon! I probably never would have written a musical fic if not for my ficathon assignment. :-D

2007.12.17 - 07:32AM
7: Part 6/6: Epilogue and Endnotes

What a wonderful day off the crew of the TARDIS have had. They have discovered more about each other and brought their relationships to a new and higher level. The chasing is all part of the fun and think the Doctor knows he will like being caught just as much as he enjoyed their day off even though he will probably never admit to it.

Thank you for a very unusual and delightful story. I loved all the music clips and your talent as a musician is clear. Well done you! Brava!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your comments! I always love hearing from you when I post a new story. :-)

2007.12.17 - 07:27AM
6: Part 5/6

I am really enjoing the intaractive element of this story and When I listened to Rose’s song as she played on the recorder when it finished on my sonic stage device the Doctor’s voice continued and it was Doc #9 calling “Run for your life!” I just cracked up it was so funny and so coincidental.

Author's Response: Ha! That\'s perfect. I once had my Play All list on random shuffle and it gave me a disconcerting string of related music randomly picked from all the music on my hard drive. Computers are strange things... :-)

2007.12.17 - 07:24AM
5: Part 4/6

The Doctor's playing of hte harp was very emotive not only to him but to those listening. Beautiful and haunting.

Author's Response: I\'m so glad you liked the harp piece... I was hit with inspiration and wrote it in a couple of hours one night as I was trying to figure out what to do for the ficathon. It just felt right for the Doctor, something from his past that was good and happy, and yet could have overtones of wistfulness and sorrow as well. For Rose and Jack to watch was an opportunity to show them seeing something unexpected in their alien friend. I\'m glad the effects I was trying for seemed to work! :-)

2007.12.17 - 07:20AM
4: Part 3/6

Like how you are developing this story and The key synth was just great and so Jack.

Author's Response: Jack was the hardest to pick an instrument for. I wound up going with something versatile and showy, which just seemed to fit. :-)