Reviews For Narcissistic

2008.12.06 - 01:47PM
1: Narcissistic

"If Skinheadís talking about Eight without spitting, heís seriously gone over the edge"

It was at that point that I died. Brilliant!

2007.12.11 - 05:02AM
1: Narcissistic

Another Cracker of a Crack fic and am beaming ear to ear and I adored Tens way of talking himself into it. LOL.

2007.12.11 - 12:39AM
1: Narcissistic

I am grinning so hard it hurts my face. Oh, oh, you are giving me smile cramps. This was hilarious. Truly.

2007.12.10 - 11:56PM
1: Narcissistic

I loves you.

Although now I have to come up with a good excuse for bursting into giggles.

2007.12.10 - 10:57PM
1: Narcissistic


...a hint of UST between them (unless they really refuse to cooperate)

I'm so glad they refused to cooperate... with the 'U' in "UST! Oral fixations for the WIN!!!

2007.12.10 - 10:38PM
1: Narcissistic

Great, great, great! What a hoot!

2007.12.10 - 09:19PM
1: Narcissistic

Loved it!! All that no, no, absolutely not...well, maybe, to, now!!
Crack is in cracked me up!

2007.12.10 - 09:04PM
1: Narcissistic

*laughs* Fantastic! I love this every bit as much on Teaspoon as I did on lj - which was a lot!

2007.12.10 - 08:59PM
1: Narcissistic

*sporfle* Crack of the best sort. When you ship Jack/Rose/Doctor (with either Nine or Ten), this definitely works. ;D

Just what I needed with the last week of classes and loads of work upon me.

2007.12.10 - 08:46PM
1: Narcissistic

yay for crack! This was awesome. :)