2008.07.07 - 05:28AM
22: Chapter 21 - Acceptance

Fantastic story and it made me miss Nine, a lot.

Author's Response: Well there will be a lot more 9 in this story. Things will change at POTW but he won\'t :D

2008.02.22 - 10:15AM
22: Chapter 21 - Acceptance

That was all around the hottest scene with nine and rose I have ever read and it was brilliant the nerves he had at the beginning the way she took care of him at first easin him into it. Then the want they both needed out of this. The all encomapssing pleasure they felt. Brilliant again and again.

Author's Response: Thanks *Big Smile* I am glad you enjoyed it, I enjoyed writing that sequence.

2008.02.18 - 02:13PM
22: Chapter 21 - Acceptance

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Author's Response: Man I got them dropping like flys :D Thank you. So glad you liked it!

2008.02.18 - 01:53PM
22: Chapter 21 - Acceptance

Lots of healing needed. But she's a patient therapist. They'll just have to keep having sessions for as long as it takes. ^_~

Author's Response: Yes she is but, their relationship is still very fragile in some ways right now and of course it\'s never easy being in love with someone with 900+ years of heavy baggage.

2008.02.18 - 11:45AM
22: Chapter 21 - Acceptance

*thud* Hot!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I just knew you would like that ;) I know I enjoyed writing it.

2008.02.18 - 11:44AM
21: Chapter 20 - Coming to Terms

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Author's Response: Yep definately about time.

2008.02.18 - 11:43AM
20: Chapter 19 - And Found

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Author's Response: It is nice to have friends in influential places.

2008.02.18 - 11:43AM
19: Chapter 18 - Tug of War


Author's Response: :)

2008.02.14 - 08:32PM
21: Chapter 20 - Coming to Terms

Wonderful! Way to go Rose! He's quick to run but you've managed to coax him out of the underbrush for the moment. Bravo! One part sneak attack to 2 parts sincerity. That's a major part of the Doctor Catching formula. The most skittish creature in the universe. ^_~

Author's Response: Yup sounded like a good formula to me too. :) You will love the next bit

2008.02.12 - 12:58PM
20: Chapter 19 - And Found

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Author's Response: I suspect your going to like the next two chapters even more :)

2008.02.11 - 08:20PM
1: Chapter 01 – Rose, what is it about Rose?

I really like this chapter...scratch that, I just love this story. You did a good job going into the Ninth Doctor's head. Kudos.

Author's Response: Thank you I hope you enjoy the other chapters as much (there are close to 40 chapters written to date and 28 are currently posted).

2008.02.11 - 04:42PM
19: Chapter 18 - Tug of War

You're really putting the poor man through some turmoil. Here's to him getting an emotional health spa! ^_~ Cheaters tend to cheat themselves too. ^_^

Author's Response: Well when it comes to Lord Chaos he can cheat with the best of them. Is it any wonder that order wins most of the time?

2008.02.08 - 10:09AM
18: Chapter 17 - Buried Alive

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Author's Response: Better then an Igloo in some ways, not as good in others, but your on the right track. Nope, not Bad Wolf someone with a bit more clout, the hint is in the Doctor\'s reaction to the sensation. You will see who next chapter :)

2008.02.08 - 12:59AM
18: Chapter 17 - Buried Alive

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Author's Response: Maybe :)

2008.02.01 - 03:02PM
17: Chapter 16 - LOST!

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Author's Response: Thanks, I don\'t really sit down and think \'you know I would like to write some fluff\', so I\'m always a bit curious if it comes out right when it pops out on paper.