2008.04.01 - 10:51AM
7: Chapter 07 – Purpose

I love this! It was very dramatic and poignant, especially when he freaked out when the TARDIS cut him off! Awesome story!

Author's Response: Thank you *curtsies* our poor Doctor will have a long road before he can get back his old cheerful self. But he will have help along the way.

2008.01.26 - 07:17PM
7: Chapter 07 – Purpose

The very definition of friends...and so another, and great, epic begins with just a touch and a word.

Author's Response: And you don\'t know the half of the mischief they have been up to yet :) Thanks for the review!

2007.11.30 - 03:22AM
7: Chapter 07 – Purpose

Excellent! At least now his life will start looking up. I'm really really looking forward to how this develops.

Author's Response: Yup next up a confused Dr. You don\'t know the half of the literary mischief I have in mind yet so stay tuned.

2007.11.29 - 10:27AM
6: Chapter 06 – 1 Step Forward 1 Step Back


Seriously sad stuff. Your Brig-Doctor communications are perfect and heartwrenching. Just the thought of the Doctor entertaining, even briefly, hurting his oldest friend, and then punching him *sobs*
I love how down to bussness the Brig is though, and Harry -tacklehugs Harry-

Author's Response: If only you could see the great big grin plastered all over my face at your sweet words. I have always had a major soft spot for the Brigadier and I can\'t tell you how worried I was that I was doing Harry justice.

2007.11.29 - 12:49AM
6: Chapter 06 – 1 Step Forward 1 Step Back

Hooray - the new chapter is up. This is heart-wrenching stuff, but a wonderful read.

Author's Response: Yep and chapter 7 is for all intents written a bit of polish and then on to posting for it too.

2007.11.28 - 07:03PM
6: Chapter 06 – 1 Step Forward 1 Step Back

It is difficult to see the Doctor and the TARDIS in such a state, but you are doing a wonderful job writing it. I just love The Brig and Harry in this. Thanks for the update.

Author's Response: Thank you. I am a little over 600 words into the next chapter and you be glad to know things are looking up for them both and 7 is the chapter where he meets Rose for the first time.

2007.11.25 - 02:34PM
5: Chapter 05 - Healing

That's good.Its nice to see someone explore the fallout of the Time war for the Doctor effect it had on him and your doing this really well.

Author's Response: Attempted suicide is unfortunately a topic I have some personal experience with and so have been trying to do its complexity justice. All too often people drop truly dreadful events into the lives of their characters and then in the next chapter or episode it\'s like nothing happened. Unfortunately that\'s not how life works and although unpleasant it sometimes needs to be addressed to better understand what comes after. That said I do not intend to continue too much further before getting to the other events around the episode \"Rose\" and some of the things I think may have also going been on :)

2007.11.25 - 02:30PM
4: Chapter 04 - Revelations

Very good.

Author's Response: I\'m glad your enjoying it.

2007.11.25 - 02:45AM
5: Chapter 05 - Healing

Stunning! Nuff said

PS Am willing to beta if you need me - but reading your work not sure you need one.

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you.

2007.11.24 - 02:48AM
4: Chapter 04 - Revelations

Oh, that's clever, having Rose as a planned remedy for what ails him. Very good. This is great - more please!

Author's Response: :) Trust me the best is yet to come Rose hasn\'t even showed up yet :) Thanks for continuing to read and review my muse tells me reviews are even better encouragement then chocolate.

2007.11.24 - 12:41AM
4: Chapter 04 - Revelations

Good chapter. Very interesting take on the regeneration from Eight to Nine. Thanks for posting.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I hope to have another chapter up before the weekends is up but need to get some more chocoate to properly thank my muse :)

2007.11.22 - 05:11PM
1: Chapter 01 - Old Allies & New

Nice. The Brig helping new Nine should really be canon. It just *fits* so well. Loved Harry's memory of Four misplacing the badages.

Author's Response: The cynic in me says they couldn\'t get the actor to do that part for whatever reason for the tv show, but I really do think since they didn\'t explain what happened immediately after his regen that it needed to be addressed as I can\'t see anyone getting through something like that without friends and what better friends then ones who had to live with loosing people to war. I\'m glad you liked it I have trying hard to make Harry and the Brig consistant with the show.

2007.11.22 - 08:25AM
3: Chapter 03 – Betrayal?

you have a nice feel for the characters - get a beta to to help with the run on sentences and grammar oopses! The story line looks interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you for the feedback!!! :D I can\'t make this better without that kind of information. It\'s been a bit since I did any writing I shared with someone else. I had forgotten my penchant for those run ons. Unfortunately MS Word doesn\'t flag those. :(

Author's Response: On rereading Chapter one I really see what you mean, sighhhh. I have just reposted it so it\'s not quite so laborious to read.

2007.11.22 - 06:43AM
1: Chapter 01 - Old Allies & New

Though you could use a little beta work, this story is fascinating. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you! I really hope to make it something you will enjoy reading a lot. I know I am enjoying writing again that my muse has decided to come visit.

Author's Response: Yep. No question about it I need a beta :)

2007.11.22 - 02:52AM
3: Chapter 03 – Betrayal?

Really good start.

Author's Response: Thank you I hope to have some additional stuff soon.