Reviews For Night Ice

2008.03.23 - 12:07PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh, this is beautiful. Fantastic Martha and Doctor characterisation, lyrically written, and a great coda and transition peace between Family of Blood and Utopia.

2008.01.22 - 01:28AM
1: Chapter 1

Excellent work! The alien setting is inventive and vivid, the language is lyrical, and your characterization of Martha is dead on.

2007.11.17 - 04:06PM
1: Chapter 1

Very well done -- I like how intelligent, self-aware and strong Martha is here, and the dichotomy of the Doctor's nature is vividly illustrated. And what a great alien world!

2007.11.17 - 02:39AM
1: Chapter 1

That was rather lovely. The atmosphere was really unearthly and fitted the theme very well. Good work.

2007.11.16 - 11:56PM
1: Chapter 1

Nicely done. Great setting, and good execution on the dialogue. I think you caught Martha particularly well.

2007.11.16 - 03:15PM
1: Chapter 1

I really enjoyed the work you put into describing the alien culture and the way that the seasons work on their planet. Very cool (pun intended)!

I liked your handling of Martha's POV following the whole Family of Blood dealie. I think it would be like the Doctor to try and take her somewhere nice to make up for that business, and end up not getting it quite right. But making the most out of a plan gone wrong and finding reasons to enjoy it with the person you're with anyway--compromise and the like--that's sometimes what being a good friend (or more) is about.

The bit where Martha is searching frantically for something a maid would wear before John Smith wakes up was very vivid to me. I liked that passage a lot.