Reviews For We'll Meet Again

2007.12.15 - 04:40AM
5: Jack Alone

The Master is just so full of plans. It's very like him to act all childlike and wander off to find chunks of concrete to huck down a hole just so that he can let Gwen run away with her earpiece still in. And I liked how he criticized DC Cooper to the point of picturing her putting the little pieces of her earpiece on yarn--a dig at the Doctor's perception filters made from TARDIS keys, or just him poking fun at Gwen's sentimental empathic side.... Even the etymology behind "Rassilon's ballsack," I like. Because it doesn't sound too modern to be un-Time Lord-y but is still ruder than what most Time Lords would use.

Author's Response: Thank you. :) This story has been rewritten and appears in the \"Valiant\" novella as well.

2007.11.07 - 12:59PM
4: Jack and Gwen

This is the first "Year That Wasn't" fic that I've read - and it has definitely gotten me interested in reading more.

Love the buildup - I'm wondering how long it'll take Gwen to push her into her own demise - she's always seemed to have a slightly short fuse in certain situations - I like how you portrayed that in her knee-jerk reaction towards the end.

I think dark fic is like chocolate - its a secret obsession no one ever wants tp admit making frequent indulgences in. It's my take anyhow. :P

Author's Response: The finale isn\'t turning out as dark as I expected. If you\'re liking Year that Wasn\'t fic, check out the rest of my series, \"Valiant.\" This will actually be the first, or close to the first, chronologically in the series (chronology is so very hard in the Whoverse, isn\'t it?). Very dark in spots, very funny in others--and strangely, on still other occasions, both. Or so I\'m told. Thanks for reviewing!

2007.11.07 - 01:42AM
4: Jack and Gwen

Another good chapter - loads of tension. You're right, it is canon to send them away ... hmmmm ...

Author's Response: Thank you. :) Here\'s my thinking about why the Master had them sent away and then ambushed: They are the only people who would possibly have even the slightest idea what was happening let alone what to do about it, so he couldn\'t have them in the UK. He also just couldn\'t kill them outright because they\'d made themselves a little too visible. Solution? Send them away and then kill them in the chaos. Bring one of them back because it\'s fun.

2007.11.07 - 12:36AM
4: Jack and Gwen

Good pacing & buildup of tension. Realistic handling of characters & situation.

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope you still think so when I finish up.

2007.11.06 - 11:42PM
4: Jack and Gwen

Love the new chapter. You've surprised me, this is not at all where I thought this was going. I do like the image of Jack singing to Gwen and the picture that you painted of him taking care of her. Definitely look forward to more of this story. :)

Author's Response: I\'m curious where you thought it was going. :) As it\'s turning out, it\'s not going where *I* thought it was going, either...the last chapter is going to be a surprise, especially as it turns out for me. It\'s not going anywhere I thought it was, and is opening up a whole new section of my series. Thank you so much for taking the time to review!

2007.11.06 - 04:18PM
3: Ianto and Gwen

Very sorry for your bad news.

Have just recently discovered your excellent & realistic fics. I hope to read many more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. One of my dearest friends, who beat cancer 14 or so years ago, called me last night to say that it\'s back and that her prognosis is not good. It\'s very hard to take, not least because she doesn\'t deserve to go through it twice. Thank you for the praise. At this point I can\'t not stop writing.

Author's Response: I meant, I can\'t not write. Or I can\'t stop writing. Not the other thing I said. :)

2007.11.06 - 01:28PM
3: Ianto and Gwen

Reading'n'reviewing after your LJ plea!

I like the fast pace and the characterisation is excellent. I do wonder why Saxon/the Master bothered sending them to the Himalayas if he was going to kill them all anyway?

Author's Response: Because it\'s fun? :) I never understood why he sent them away in the first place--that\'s canon, not me. I assume it was to get the only people who might have even the slightest chance of stopping him out of the way without suspicion. If the entire Torchwood 3 team just turned up dead in Cardiff it would ring some alarm bells. But hey, I didn\'t decide to send them to the Himalayas, RTD did!

2007.11.06 - 11:53AM
3: Ianto and Gwen

I always like it when someone makes Jack cry and I can believe it. Sorry about your bad news but I'm glad you plan to finish this

Author's Response: Thank you. I\'m a bit drained but I hope to have this done in the next few days. I was hoping today but that\'s not going to happen.