2007.12.24 - 08:42PM
21: Chapter 21-The Problem with Hell

You had me really giggling at the end with Jack's little monologue. I'm so glad the Doctor came back to his senses, good old grounded Rose to the rescue yet again, but in a totally different way. I wanted to read this last night after I posted but I couldn't keep my eyes open and then today has been ridiculously long! But I loved it.

Author's Response: Hey, you are a MOM! No further explanations necesarry! Been there and done that, I believe you me, it\'s exhausting being a parent. I\'m glad you enjoyed, chapter 22 will be along soon and I hope to tie up any lose endings there. I was really sweating bullets with this one but it ended up good in te end. Merry Christmas, Fellow Authoress, and may all of your TARDIS\'s have offspring!

2007.12.24 - 12:32PM
21: Chapter 21-The Problem with Hell

Now that was a different chapter: from reglious questions to humuor and back. Loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, I was starting to think that everyone was partying! LOL! (Now, If I wasn\'t at work, I would be, too) I wasn\'t trying to go for too much religion, since a lot of beliefs on Earth have a different name for Heaven, and not all religions are all that religious (try saying that 3 times fast!) So, the concept of heaven was what I was going for, rather than the actual. Who knows, the Doctor might still chalk it up for delirium and go into denial later? A lot of humans do the same thing after a traumatic event that their brain can\'t quite handle. Merry Christmas, fellow authoress!

2007.12.24 - 12:38AM
21: Chapter 21-The Problem with Hell

Ten faces death, metaphysics and religion -- what a chapter! But will he really be able to put it all aside and just continue travelling? Hmmm.

Author's Response: Oh, my, I still have a chapter or two to go, by my reckoning, so....who knows? He has Rose, Gallifreya, no more Black Guardian to contend with, a wedding to plan.....