2007.12.13 - 03:29AM
16: Chapter 16-Running

That was one chilling dream Rose had,made even more chilling by the fact it was actually reality or about to become reality.Rose really trys to do to much too soon.I guess there running for the lives again,but really when do they ever stop.

Author's Response: Boy, have you got that right, hun! I don\'t think they ever will, not while our Doctor is the only Timelord in existance and insists on righting all wrongs he comes across in his travels. Glad you enjoyed and chapter 17 will be up and running soon.

2007.12.12 - 06:58PM
16: Chapter 16-Running

Aaagh - running from the Black Guardian hours after giving birth? Ouch. But it is good to see Rose being so strong. Your plot continues to be strong and suspenseful. Please update this terrific read soon!

Author's Response: You\'ve got it, Hun! Chapter 17 has already been started. Thanks for letting me know I\'m still worth reviewing, I definitely and wholeheartedly feel the loooove!

2007.12.12 - 06:10PM
16: Chapter 16-Running

Oh, dear, poor Rose really should not have gotten up. Still weak from all the blood loss and oh, yeah, giving birth. I suppose time was of the essence, and a psychic shout to the Doctor might have been overheard by the guardian. But she's been running her body into the grounhd as it is and that could not have been helpful.

Loving the story.

Author's Response: I\'ve been loving your stories, too. dear! You and everyone here inspire me, that I feel I have to do no less, and meet the bar that\'s been raised. Thank you so much!