2007.12.01 - 10:10AM
10: Chapter 10-Now the fun....

Welcome back! It great that Rose can figure out things to save the Doctor because he needs rescuing more times than not.It great the way you have her talking to the baby.

Author's Response: Well, Rose may not be as bright as Our Doc, but she can definitely put 2 and 2 together to kiss four. Yup, more\'s coming today, I promise just a couple more hours to go and thanks for welcoming me back. Lordy, it\'s been a long haul! Thanks for reviewing!

2007.12.01 - 02:43AM
10: Chapter 10-Now the fun....

Love very pregnant Rose to the rescue - more soon, please!

Author's Response: Your wonderful wish will be reality in a few hours, got to go to work now though, no rest form the weary! Thanks for reviewing and stay tuned!

2007.11.30 - 09:53PM
10: Chapter 10-Now the fun....

I do love it when Rose figures stuff out so she can save the Doctor. Always fun. But way too short a chapter so I do hope that eleven goes up quickly!

Author's Response: Oh, definitely almost done with chapter 12 and it will definitely deliver, or should have called it maybe 11b? Anyway, thanks for reviewing and chapter 12 is going to be availabe in a few hours

2007.11.30 - 09:39PM
10: Chapter 10-Now the fun....

Glad to see you back! Fun update, I could see Rose's grin in my head. The Doctor is in real trouble.

Author's Response: You haven\'t see nuthin\' yet! (wink)