2007.11.25 - 04:02AM
9: Chapter 9-Confrontations

Took me forever to get to this, but thank you for the lovely dedication. It has been a pleasure to read your work, you know. Don't know if it's your work firewall or my email that's causing the communication problems but I'll be getting a new addy set up soon and that should help.

Anyway, a brilliantly written chapter. I felt Rose's fear as she battled the monster and my goodness, six months ahead, now that's a pretty good leap, but it will surely stress her body. I was worried about the baby but it seems she'll be okay.

Should be fun seeing how they both react to the change in Rose's pregnancy once all the other stuff dies down. But meanwhile, there's the adventure to enjoy.

Author's Response: Indeed, the adventure! Shakespeare once said, \'All the World\'s a stage and we are merely players\' or something to that affect, and with you and everyone here helping me write this vignette, it surely has been a trek. Chapter 10 is fighting me something fierce, but like Rose and our Doctor, I\'m fighting back. Thank you, lovey, for all your kind words. Now, I\'m off to the dreaded basement of the haunted Glen Tavern Inn and continue with our story. The next major hurdle? Naming the baby, yea Gads! Anyone like to send me suggestions??? Email me, Loveys, and I hope you had a great weekend!

2007.11.22 - 11:40PM
9: Chapter 9-Confrontations

1) Doctor + combining his things with hers, like the TARDIS = cuteness

2) She's six months pregnant? Can I make a suggestion, and maybe Rose needs to find some maternity clothes? Could that possibly help in the cuteness department if the Doctor picked out a blue mumu and Rose threw something at him?

Author's Response: Weeelll, See, in part Wisdom War and Tea, the Doctor discovered her white thermal and found that it didn\'t have a hole in the chest area but her parka did, thusly, anything that touches her skin she affects, this is the reason why The White Guardian told them both that Rose would have to gain access to the 4th dimension because she can affect dimension so, by touching her, the Doctor can access the fourth dimension thru her, thereby finding the Jethryk. Now, with this long explanation intact, She can affect her clothes, or anything touching her skin, in just about the same manner as the Doctor\'s pockets. Now, I can always get her in a mumu, but would our Rose wear one? hhhmmmm???? lol, nope, I thinketh not! LOL!

2007.11.22 - 03:15AM
9: Chapter 9-Confrontations

I love Rose in this,although shes grown up now and perhaps to some extent a lot wiser she still manages to attract trouble I think thats a part of what makes her who she is.

Author's Response: Yup, Jess, she wouldn\'t be our Rose if she didn\'t attract at least a little trouble in her \'old\' age! I\'m off to see how much trouble our Doctor can get into in Chapter 10 and yup, you made me mushy, too (See Charmingslayer response). Thanks for reviewing and U rock II!

2007.11.21 - 11:27PM
9: Chapter 9-Confrontations

Your version of future Rose is very nice. She has a strong backstory of her own and a set personality and reaction center. As a character and partner to the Doctor she really works.

Author's Response: Oh, yup, I\'m mushy now, yeah, you and Jess just did it, (Sniff) I was so hoping it would meet with everyone\'s approval, or a semblance thereof and seems I\'ve managed it. I almost don\'t want to finish but, like all good things....I\'m off to chapter 10 and thanks for reviewing, U rock, Grrl!

2007.11.21 - 07:40PM
9: Chapter 9-Confrontations

I LOVE this story!! It is wonderful to have Rose as an equal to Ten. I like how you write her in this chapter. It's cute that she's still "jeopardy friendly" even though she's a Time Lord.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you love so much Hon, \'cause you and everyone here really inspire me! (Our Timelord is still remembering she\'s a Timelord, right? SO, I guess it\'s tit for tat, or something like that) Anywho, I just know when you\'re caught unawares, you revert to your more basic instincts, until the brain kicks in and you finally think. So,she did what she had to do, but what she only thought was theory ended up fact and now we all have to find out what happens next. (Wink!) Thanks for reviewing!