2008.01.27 - 06:57PM
5: Chapter 5-Rabbits with Teeth

*crosses fingers and kisses them for luck* Health to all of them!...you'll have to add 'Mother' to her titles, I hope. ^_~

2007.11.12 - 05:27AM
5: Chapter 5-Rabbits with Teeth

Baby!Fic. You've crossed over to the dark side...LOL It's tough to resist, isn't it? Sigh. Happy.

Anyway, I loved the introspection, both at the beginning when he was questioning the reality of his beliefs versus angels and devils and God and at the end when the Doctor realized he was going to be a Dad again and he laughed with so much happiness. It was another wonderful chapter.

Of course, I don't expect you'll make it an easy pregnancy or birth because you threw in that variance factor, but then if it's all easy where's the payoff, hmm?

Will we see a bit more of the inside of Rose's head with the pregnancy reaction? I'd like to.

Author's Response: Sorry it took so long to respond again, but the home computer still has gremlins raging. lts calmed now so.....Yes, I\'ve crossed over to the dark side, (breathing thru a ventilator) and it was inevitable cause they\'ve been going at it like rabbits themselves, without thinking about the future, pretty much like newlyweds. So, yup I\'m going to show some introspection with Rose, TARDIS is still going to play her hand somewhere down the road and That evil baddy is going to really play havoc with them....only my second major fic after years of not writing and I\'m still not easy on myself am I? (lol) I am off to chapter 6

2007.11.11 - 05:49PM
5: Chapter 5-Rabbits with Teeth

That was so worth the wait.Liked the Doctor's musings at the begining where he was starting to question everything.

Author's Response: Thank you, dearie! I was trying to write the action and adventure part, but this scene just kept popping into my head and wouldn\'t go away so I went with my dementia and I\'m so very glad you liked. Thanks for staying with me and chapter 6 will post soon!

2007.11.11 - 05:07PM
5: Chapter 5-Rabbits with Teeth

Great chapter! The introspection at the beginning was great!

Author's Response: Whee! I\'m so glad you\'re happy, \'cause when you\'re happy and I mean you and ThroughanAmberFocus, that makes me REALLY happy and it means I\'ve done something right! Next Chapter the real action begins, but I had to work this in, \'cause, you know it was inevitable, huh? Glad you so very liked and next chapter will be along....