2008.01.27 - 06:14PM
2: Chapter 2-Plans

I don't think the '30s are ready for haunted house thrill seekers. Of course, no one's ever ready for the Doctor. ^_~

2007.11.14 - 07:01AM
2: Chapter 2-Plans

Cool matching suits and a haunted hotel.

Author's Response: Well, hey you, Welcome! Thanks for reading and reviewing and I plan to update soon. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying!

2007.11.07 - 08:05PM
2: Chapter 2-Plans

Of course, I loved it. Especially the bit with the matching suits.

Author's Response: Yay you! Thanks for all of your help, Hon. As you can see, I\'ve been using my spell chk at work for the story, I just HAD to give you a break! Bless you and everyong for reviewing, I\'m off to chapter 4!

2007.11.05 - 01:16PM
2: Chapter 2-Plans

That not a got start to their vacation.
A Haunted house,interesting.

Author's Response: Nope, not a good start and it only gets better, (wink) or should I say, worse? lol

2007.11.04 - 09:05PM
2: Chapter 2-Plans

Oooh -- the sequel!! Love what you have so far!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, did a lot of research on this one and I hope it shows, this is a real hotel, BTW and it really is haunted and I\'ve backed the research up with a featured article from Fate magazine that was indepth in its hauntedness. Tis the season, eh? (wink)

2007.11.04 - 08:17PM
2: Chapter 2-Plans

Okay, nothing too bad, but with fun potential.

Author's Response: It\'s getting there, I promise and the fun factor is definitely planned for the next chapter (wink). Thanks for reviewing!