2007.11.18 - 05:02PM
7: Chapter 7-An Unguarded Moment

Great chapter.
Will the Doctor trust Rose enough to tell her about his past? I think he keeps forgetting she's not the young naive nineteen year old that he first met all those years ago.She's a grown woman now and perhaps deserves to know more about him and I think she can handle it more now than she would of done back then.

Will they argue all through their mission?
Or will they both realise what is at stake if they fail?

Author's Response: Well, I\'m trying to work the new chapter and be true to the characters, but since we\'ve seen them angry at others and not actually intensely at each other, this is new territory for me and maybe for others as well. Your questions are really pivotal, and are thought provoking. Despite all that we have is series one and two to draw from, and we all know that it\'s going to be years before we, as fans, can get to see how the characters fare under the hands of the show\'s writers, it\'s a good assumption that our characters are going to be a little older and maybe a little wiser. This might not be guaranteed, but I promise on my writer\'s honor, that Rose and the Doctor will survive but how will their little \'vacation\' change them? The dynamics of their relationship has already changed from time being apart, so....darn! I really can\'t answer you dear \'cause this story has taken on a life of it\'s own. I\'m basically writing this from my gut and as a grown woman myself with plenty of life experience to draw from, the empathy for the characters is great on my part. Do I play devil and keep them apart or be an angel and everything goes back to nice-nice? David Tennant and Billie Piper have done their best to give realistic performances so...all I can say is stay tuned and feel free to email me and review and let me know the emotional impact of what the chapters do for you. I do draw from the comments made here and consider what everyone says and do my best to entertain, even as I write the chapters. God Bless for giving me questions that really made me think. You just made me sweat Bullets! LOL! (just teasing.....)

2007.11.17 - 03:01PM
7: Chapter 7-An Unguarded Moment

That was great! Brilliantly written and the right mix of everything!

Author's Response: I\'m so glad you\'re happy, \'cause I know you love the older stuff. This chapter had me worried due to the fact that I didn\'t know how it would have been recvd, but I guess I got it right again. (whew!) Thanks, and toodles!

2007.11.16 - 11:53PM
7: Chapter 7-An Unguarded Moment

What will happen next? Will the Doctor tell Rose everything about his past? Will they continue to fight through their entire mission? Please post more as soon as possible.

Author's Response: Your wish is my command but Angelbev\'s got to work this weekend so pray the powers above to give me strength and hopefully by Sunday I\'ll have another chapter posted! Glad you enjoyed, Hon!

2007.11.16 - 11:43PM
7: Chapter 7-An Unguarded Moment

Oh, my head hurts. Complexity quotient just shot way up. But everything is progressing clearly in a logical and well-thought out way (in response to your earlier response to my earlier comment), so guess I'll just take an asprin and wait for the next chapter. Rose is quite miffed at the Doctor and none to pleased with the guardian either, it seems. Go Rose. Don't let those males just push you around.

Author's Response: Oh, come on know, Lovey, I could just boring and have an action-adventure story with a dalek or two, but noooooo, Mama just HAD to throw in an Eternal, no, not just one, but TWoooo! Yes! Muawuauauauuauaauawwwww!

2007.11.14 - 12:02PM
6: Chapter 6-Locks to a Past

I actually don't kow much about The Guardians with not having watched the old series and only starting watching the revamped 2005 series.However saying that i'm gradually learning more about them through fanfiction and i'm quite intrigued by them.

I'm really interested to see your take on them.

Author's Response: Oh, yummy, and I can\'t wait to tell you but that\'s the next chapter! Tee-hee! I\'ll definitely try to keep it interesting and fresh, and suffice it to say, keep you interested. I\'m so glad you reviewed, and I\'m very happy that you gave me that little tidbit of info concerning Billie, I just might work that in at a later date ina new bit of fiction. Who know\'s what my furtive little mind will come up with next? (wink) Thanks, Hun!

2007.11.14 - 07:01AM
2: Chapter 2-Plans

Cool matching suits and a haunted hotel.

Author's Response: Well, hey you, Welcome! Thanks for reading and reviewing and I plan to update soon. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying!

2007.11.14 - 03:59AM
6: Chapter 6-Locks to a Past

Was that last line Rose speaking? And gracious, levitation? And the Guardians? You're going to get complex, aren't you? This should be fun.

Author's Response: Yup, that was Rose, highly ticked off! LOL! As will be explained in chapter 7 The Guardians (which one?-wink)spoke thru her and she wasn\'t quite herself when she confronted the Shade and using that much energy really took the spots out of her, so... as for the levitation....She\'s part of Tardis, the energy runs thru her veins, so if the TARDIS can go thru time and move in relative dimension, so can Rose, who also levitated when she was destroying the bombs and closing the rift between the universes in Wisdom War and Tea. I told you I wasn\'t going to be easy on myself after all these years of not writing, but at least you and everyone are keeping me on my toes.(wink) Does everything sound logical enough? If not, I\'ll to a little more homework.....

2007.11.14 - 01:21AM
1: Chapter 1-Peace

I just found this and I'm loving it. Please update soon, I've devoured everything so far and need more!!

Author's Response: Welcome and Thank you! Believe me, I usually update within a couple of days aftet I post, being a working mom that travels 2 hours from/to work, its been hard to write, but I write at every chance I get. I\'m so very happy you\'re enjoying it and thank you multiple Ood-les for reviewing!

2007.11.13 - 10:32PM
6: Chapter 6-Locks to a Past

YES! I love the Guardians! This story now offically rocks!

Author's Response: (laughing,) I told you I gave this story some serious thought! Lordy, for days I was Rose with the think-smoke going on! I\'m really glad you reviewed & enjoyed. More to come very soon!

2007.11.12 - 05:27AM
5: Chapter 5-Rabbits with Teeth

Baby!Fic. You've crossed over to the dark side...LOL It's tough to resist, isn't it? Sigh. Happy.

Anyway, I loved the introspection, both at the beginning when he was questioning the reality of his beliefs versus angels and devils and God and at the end when the Doctor realized he was going to be a Dad again and he laughed with so much happiness. It was another wonderful chapter.

Of course, I don't expect you'll make it an easy pregnancy or birth because you threw in that variance factor, but then if it's all easy where's the payoff, hmm?

Will we see a bit more of the inside of Rose's head with the pregnancy reaction? I'd like to.

Author's Response: Sorry it took so long to respond again, but the home computer still has gremlins raging. lts calmed now so.....Yes, I\'ve crossed over to the dark side, (breathing thru a ventilator) and it was inevitable cause they\'ve been going at it like rabbits themselves, without thinking about the future, pretty much like newlyweds. So, yup I\'m going to show some introspection with Rose, TARDIS is still going to play her hand somewhere down the road and That evil baddy is going to really play havoc with them....only my second major fic after years of not writing and I\'m still not easy on myself am I? (lol) I am off to chapter 6

2007.11.11 - 05:49PM
5: Chapter 5-Rabbits with Teeth

That was so worth the wait.Liked the Doctor's musings at the begining where he was starting to question everything.

Author's Response: Thank you, dearie! I was trying to write the action and adventure part, but this scene just kept popping into my head and wouldn\'t go away so I went with my dementia and I\'m so very glad you liked. Thanks for staying with me and chapter 6 will post soon!

2007.11.11 - 05:07PM
5: Chapter 5-Rabbits with Teeth

Great chapter! The introspection at the beginning was great!

Author's Response: Whee! I\'m so glad you\'re happy, \'cause when you\'re happy and I mean you and ThroughanAmberFocus, that makes me REALLY happy and it means I\'ve done something right! Next Chapter the real action begins, but I had to work this in, \'cause, you know it was inevitable, huh? Glad you so very liked and next chapter will be along....

2007.11.09 - 03:02AM
4: Chapter 4-And the Hunt Begins

Glad Rose is ok.So they have good a mystery to solve.Can;t wait for their little hunt to get into full swing.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing, all starts in chapter 5, which will post in about 48 hours. (You know, I couldn\'t leave Rose down for too long, the old soldier in her wants to get up and go tactical on its bad butt!) LOL! ooooh-rah! (old Torchwood soldiers never die, they just let vortex energy fly!) Hah!

2007.11.09 - 02:09AM
4: Chapter 4-And the Hunt Begins

I wonder if the bellhop Edward knows anything. People who work behind the scenes in hotels like that often do. He may recognize what's going on. I'm glad Rose is okay and looking forward to the rabbit hunting.

Author's Response: All will be revealed, all will be unravelled. Sorry I took so long to respond, but I had to crash (see note to Charmingslayer) Real life is such a bummer, man! Now if I could stay up all night after working all day? Nah! Me old poor brain needs a rest, anywho! Thanks for reviewing and the new chapter will post in another 48 hours. May wabbit-hunting commence!

2007.11.08 - 11:56PM
4: Chapter 4-And the Hunt Begins

I agree, you wrote the scene perfectly.

Author's Response: (blushing) Thank you, Thank you, Lordy I\'m trying very hard and I\'m so very glad you liked. Sorry it took this long to respond, but after research and writing, I had to crash only to fall asleep to national geographics story about black matter (I know, my last story). Talk about synchronicity! Dr Who is following me in real life---I must be doing smething right! LOL! Thanks for reviewing!