2007.12.14 - 01:19AM
17: Chapter 17-Guardians' Whims

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Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much, I\'ve tried to be as original as much as I possibly can, I\'ve tried not to read anyone\'s work here while writing this, so that I can say, yup,this is me writing, all by my lonesome. Now, it\'s inevitable I might have caught up on the same idea, (Rose returning, hmmm, ring any bells?) but I hope I\'ve presented it in my way, and I\'m so very glad you enjoyed. Chapter 18 will be along soon, I promise.

2007.12.13 - 11:16PM
17: Chapter 17-Guardians' Whims

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Author's Response: Wowsy, wow! I\'m dribbling in humble here, thanks hon! (did you catch that last line with the Guardian and Rose and the Doctor\'s diatribe waaay back in chapter 4 about Gods? Hmmmm?) Thanks for reviewing!

Author's Response: oops, it was chapter 5! My bad! Now I\'ve really got to go to bed, I\'m forgetting my own writing! Sheesh!

2007.12.13 - 03:29AM
16: Chapter 16-Running

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Author's Response: Boy, have you got that right, hun! I don\'t think they ever will, not while our Doctor is the only Timelord in existance and insists on righting all wrongs he comes across in his travels. Glad you enjoyed and chapter 17 will be up and running soon.

2007.12.12 - 06:58PM
16: Chapter 16-Running

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Author's Response: You\'ve got it, Hun! Chapter 17 has already been started. Thanks for letting me know I\'m still worth reviewing, I definitely and wholeheartedly feel the loooove!

2007.12.12 - 06:10PM
16: Chapter 16-Running

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Author's Response: I\'ve been loving your stories, too. dear! You and everyone here inspire me, that I feel I have to do no less, and meet the bar that\'s been raised. Thank you so much!

2007.12.12 - 05:58PM
15: Chapter 15-Babies

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Author's Response: Well, you know Jack, he calls it what it is and Rose hasn\'t been around to correct either gentleman, so what\'s a writer to do?

2007.12.11 - 03:10AM
15: Chapter 15-Babies

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Author's Response: Oh, you\'ll see, believe you\'ll see and maybe, you don\'t want to see.....but the Black Guardian is making me write, I an\'t stop, I can\'t stop! (and I\'m lovin\' it! Tee-hee)

2007.12.11 - 03:04AM
15: Chapter 15-Babies

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Author's Response: Hey, thanks Hon! I\'m a tryin\' over here. Now I\'m regretting for staying up so late...oh, where\'s the coffee....Thank goodness this is an early day...

2007.12.11 - 01:01AM
15: Chapter 15-Babies

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Author's Response: Oh, but I can\'t tell, I\'m just a slave of the Black Guardian, forced to tell his story but, wait! Who wins? Who? Only the Black Guardian knows......

2007.12.08 - 02:22PM
14: Chapter 14-Afterglow and Evil Thoughts

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Author's Response: Who better than a 51st century man? LOL! Love our Jack, he can be crazy as a Loon, but he\'s all heart. Hang in there, chapter 15 is almost done!

2007.12.08 - 05:29AM
14: Chapter 14-Afterglow and Evil Thoughts

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Author's Response: Oh,you are so right, girlfriend! Sorry it took so long to get back to the site, but it was another crazy weekend! Chapter 15 will be up soon. Can\'t wait to get it finished so ya\'ll know what\'s been brewing on Angelbev\'s backburners. Thanks for reviewing!

2007.12.07 - 09:27PM
14: Chapter 14-Afterglow and Evil Thoughts

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Author's Response: thanks for reviewing, you know i had to do it even rose & the doctor deserves a moment of heaven before all hell breaks loose. glad you enjoyed!

2007.12.07 - 02:28PM
14: Chapter 14-Afterglow and Evil Thoughts

Great chapter. Thanks for updating.

One small point: I think you may mean "foil" (defeat) instead of "fowl" (bird) in the Black Guardian's thought toward the end of the chapter. :)

Author's Response: I did mention I\'m exhausted from all the evilness? lolololo!!! Yup, no prob, fixing now. Thanks, love, and I\'m glad you enjoyed!

2007.12.07 - 01:57PM
14: Chapter 14-Afterglow and Evil Thoughts

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Author's Response: R We seeing, or is it going to smack us in the head, for sure? Only the Black Guardian knows....muawauauauauaaaw! Thanks for the review, lovey, and I\'m glad you enjoyed. I swear, I\'m just taking a mental back seat over here, this story is writing itself. I\'m just a pawn of the Black Guardian, the Doctor, Rose, Jack, little Terror, Mayhem, Peril, Action, Adventure......did I mention how exhausted I am? (oooh, but I\'m loving it!)

2007.12.07 - 01:08PM
14: Chapter 14-Afterglow and Evil Thoughts

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Author's Response: Hey, missed you and welcome back! Glad I made you\'re author\'s heart go smiley-poo! Hope you get to update soon yourself, I know you\'ve been busy. Thanks for reviewing, Hun!