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20: Chapter 20-The Efforts of Conversion

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Author's Response: Bless you 10X for the caffiene and sugar! Will chapter 21 be the end, I don\'t know I have to recover from 20 first. I\'m really glad you enojoyed!

2007.12.20 - 03:50AM
20: Chapter 20-The Efforts of Conversion

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Author's Response: Thanks Hon! Story still has a bit more to go (sipping on coffee) God bless the invention of the coffee bean! Chapter 21 will be along, I just have to recover from this one! (lol)

2007.12.20 - 01:22AM
20: Chapter 20-The Efforts of Conversion

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Author's Response: Oh, Bless you, but the story\'s not done yet, and thank you kindly for the cake, God bless you for the coffee!

2007.12.19 - 10:23PM
19: Chapter 19-A Promise

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Author's Response: I\'m posting the latest chapter. If you love the way this story is turning out, just wait and see this one! (wink)

2007.12.19 - 01:41PM
19: Chapter 19-A Promise

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Author's Response: I hope what I\'m planning will be what your expecting, then again, I could do a Monty Python and do something completely different. Hhhmmmm......

2007.12.19 - 09:34AM
19: Chapter 19-A Promise

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Author's Response: It gets more interesting later! I just can\'t tell you which chapter it\'s going to be in. Gracious, this story\'s got me by the heels, and I\'m the author!

2007.12.19 - 01:57AM
19: Chapter 19-A Promise

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Author's Response: I promise, I\'ll squeeze a little more energy out of the brain and see if I can get it done quicker; A girl can only try..., now If I didn\'t have to work crazy hours, can you imagine what I\'d come up with then? Oh, Lordy!

2007.12.19 - 12:42AM
19: Chapter 19-A Promise

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Author's Response: It REALLY gets better, real soon, I promise. We\'re talking \'enlightenment\' here.....thanks for reviewing!

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18: Chapter 18-Realities

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Author's Response: Definitely more action, it\'s gonna be intense, oh, goodness gracious the drama! I\'m so happy you\'re enjoying this, this is become a real joy to write. (and believe you me, the loss of sleep is well worth it! I\'m giving my new computer a real workout! Tee-hee!)

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18: Chapter 18-Realities

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Author's Response: (Wink) WE\'ll see!

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18: Chapter 18-Realities

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Author's Response: Thinking of U the whole time I\'m writing this, and I promise, no more sweating bullets, I think I\'ve found my \'voice.\' Thanks for all of your help!

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18: Chapter 18-Realities

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Author's Response: On, but if I didn\'t make you nervous,it wouldn\'t semi-professional,oh-my-my-god-I\'m- never-getting-paid-for-this extravaganza? Yup, I made you smile, I can see it from here, uh-huh! I\'m so very glad I made you smile, and I promise, chapter 19 is a coming along! Thank you for reviewing!

2007.12.16 - 11:39PM
18: Chapter 18-Realities

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Author's Response: Hey, me either, but the Eternal must know what he\'s doing, right? I hope he knows what he\'s doing, but, jeez, I\'m just the writer, what do I know, huh? :)

2007.12.14 - 03:49PM
17: Chapter 17-Guardians' Whims

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Author's Response: Now, the guardian didn\'t say completely stopped, just \'reigned in\' a bit. I\'m just as intrigued as you. I\'ll tell you a secret...I\'m channeling this from the fourth dimension, I don\'t even know what I\'m gonna get, for all I know the 13th Doctor is using me to get the message out, Oh my, that could be a new story somewhere in there, couldn\'t it?! BUT, I\'m telling the truth. I sit at the keyboard and let my hands fly, cock my head to one side and just...listen. Purty niffy, ain\'t it? Now, if I could just do that with Lottery numbers.....

2007.12.14 - 05:17AM
17: Chapter 17-Guardians' Whims

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Author's Response: Oh, the White Guardian did mention that when the other Guardians were done with him, he won\'t be able to wield as much power as before, but we\'ll see? Oh, and it\'s really nice to be able to write a longer chapter, it\'s just getting the time to do it! Thanks hon, and stay tuned!