2008.01.27 - 05:47PM
1: Chapter 1-Peace

Very realistic response to events. Time to stir up some trouble!^_^

2007.12.27 - 08:51PM
22: Chapter 22-Is That, Heaven Is What You Make It

I am so glad you mentioned to me that you had finished this story, I managed to miss it in the post Christmas madness. Trotted promptly over here to read it and you did not disappoint. I see you've got Zeke in place for that extra slot of possible baby manager in future stories, so you've got that covered if you do decide on a follow-up. And the Eternals are their children. Lovely ending. Which one is Gallifreya? Gold?

Author's Response: Oh, my, you know, I haven\'t gotten far enough in my musings yet to say whether she\'ll be Gold or the Grandmother of Gold, but since the family is supposed to be the harbinger of the new Time Lord race, I\'m still working on ALL of the details....Oh my, I\'m still breathless from the holidays myself and am so happy you got the chance to read, I couldn\'t help but keep you in mind as I was typing away, especially when the Doctor jokes about Menopause, really, kids just make the prospect of menopause SO FUN (LOL+love=hugs)....and, I FINALLY got the chance to catch up on yours, still catching up on yours, but give me time.... Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy a happy New Year!

2007.12.26 - 09:10PM
22: Chapter 22-Is That, Heaven Is What You Make It

I'm impressed. That last plot twist was brilliant. You've set up a good series and even if you don't write more for this series, I do hope to see more from you in the future. Congratulations on 100 plus reviews.

Author's Response: I have you to thank, my dear. You took time to read and review a newbie like myself all the way in the beginning and encouraged me along. I really didn\'t think I had the ballshot or the talent but you hung in there with me, as well as everyone else, and I\'m grateful, so very grateful. I promise, you haven\'t seen the last of me yet! Have a wonderful New Year!

2007.12.26 - 07:03PM
22: Chapter 22-Is That, Heaven Is What You Make It

This has been a wonderful story. I haven't read any other Doctor and Rose weddings that were as beautiful as this one.

The drama, love, action, emotions were all there and mixed in together just right. Thank you for taking the time to write this story.... although I won't anything to look forward to for a while reading wise... but I guess watching the new Season 3 episodes will have to do ..... :)

Author's Response: Gracious! Oh, my...I don\'t know what to say....accept thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read and review and nuturing an old fart like myself. I really didn\'t think I could do this in the beginning and because of everyone here, I think I\'ve found a new calling. I promise, you haven\'t seen the last of me yet! Thank you, and have a wonderful New Year!

2007.12.26 - 01:51PM
22: Chapter 22-Is That, Heaven Is What You Make It

I've really enjoyed this story.Having the Doctor and Rose marry on a beach was such a romantic way to have it done and including zeke was a nice touch.

I didn't get it at first that you were implying that the eternals were descendants of the Doctor and Rose ,but now that I do I have to say that was a very clever twist.

Author's Response: Why, thank you, dearie! That is very high praise and I accept it humbly. I hope you enjoyed VOTD, I\'ve yet to see it but I have faith in my fellow Whovians and YouTube. (lol) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and an even better Boxing Day, alas, I\'m slaving away at work to the paper! Mean paper, Baaaad paper! Thanks for reviewing and you\'ll definitely be seeing more from me soon.

2007.12.26 - 03:57AM
22: Chapter 22-Is That, Heaven Is What You Make It

O - lovely twist at the end - no wonder White is so fond of them!!

Author's Response: I couldn\'t help myself, no one has ever explained where the Eternals came from and I figured it would be the next evolutionary step for a Timelord or two. Thanks for reviewing and I hope you had a great Christmas!

2007.12.26 - 12:30AM
22: Chapter 22-Is That, Heaven Is What You Make It

From what the White Guardian said at the end, are you saying that the Eternals are the decendants of the Doctor and Rose?

By the way, I loved the term that you used in the author's note. "Whovians"

Please continue with this series. You can't leave it like that with the White Guardians comment.

Author's Response: Yup(!) That\'s what I\'m implying about the Eternals, and I\'m really thinking about a sequel. And \"Whovians\" sounds so much better than TARDIS Lovers or Haggis Smackers or WELOVETHEDOCTORBEYONDREASON Fanatics? It\'s even better than Trekkies, me being a former myself. Yup, I\'ve been a drama queen for years and to prove my loyalty, I\'ve even gone ginger! Yes, yes, a series might just happen... Thanks for reviewing, I feel the love and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

2007.12.26 - 12:29AM
22: Chapter 22-Is That, Heaven Is What You Make It

A beach wedding -- that was so romantic. Putting Zeke in was a nice touch. The last few lines beg for a sequel -- the Eternals are the descendants of Ten and Rose? Now that's a plot twist.

Congratulations on finishing this terrific story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m really thinking about a sequel to the sequel, just have to give myself a breather. Maybe a really, really short story or two in the middle? Bless you for reviewing, I was really using my hankies toward the end, o course , what I was seeing in my head was a lot better than what I wrote, but I\'m really trying to be a better writer. Thank you again and I hope you have a groovy New Year!

2007.12.24 - 08:42PM
21: Chapter 21-The Problem with Hell

You had me really giggling at the end with Jack's little monologue. I'm so glad the Doctor came back to his senses, good old grounded Rose to the rescue yet again, but in a totally different way. I wanted to read this last night after I posted but I couldn't keep my eyes open and then today has been ridiculously long! But I loved it.

Author's Response: Hey, you are a MOM! No further explanations necesarry! Been there and done that, I believe you me, it\'s exhausting being a parent. I\'m glad you enjoyed, chapter 22 will be along soon and I hope to tie up any lose endings there. I was really sweating bullets with this one but it ended up good in te end. Merry Christmas, Fellow Authoress, and may all of your TARDIS\'s have offspring!

2007.12.24 - 12:32PM
21: Chapter 21-The Problem with Hell

Now that was a different chapter: from reglious questions to humuor and back. Loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, I was starting to think that everyone was partying! LOL! (Now, If I wasn\'t at work, I would be, too) I wasn\'t trying to go for too much religion, since a lot of beliefs on Earth have a different name for Heaven, and not all religions are all that religious (try saying that 3 times fast!) So, the concept of heaven was what I was going for, rather than the actual. Who knows, the Doctor might still chalk it up for delirium and go into denial later? A lot of humans do the same thing after a traumatic event that their brain can\'t quite handle. Merry Christmas, fellow authoress!

2007.12.24 - 12:38AM
21: Chapter 21-The Problem with Hell

Ten faces death, metaphysics and religion -- what a chapter! But will he really be able to put it all aside and just continue travelling? Hmmm.

Author's Response: Oh, my, I still have a chapter or two to go, by my reckoning, so....who knows? He has Rose, Gallifreya, no more Black Guardian to contend with, a wedding to plan.....

2007.12.20 - 09:33PM
20: Chapter 20-The Efforts of Conversion

Loved how you described Rose's connection with Ten and how she reacted to the absence of connection.

Author's Response: What\'s the old saying? You don\'t realize what you havge until it\'s gone? I had to include that in, \'cause I can remember one day having it all, then having the rug pulled from my feet and trying to survive it on every level a person has...mental, physical, spiritual, you name it. Since Rose\'s connection goes deeper than what we as regular people have in our relationships, I imagined it would probably break her, given all that she\'s gone through.....Sorry didn\'t mean to write so much, but you caught on something I was really trying hard to convey...thanks so much for your additional coments, email coming soon!

2007.12.20 - 08:18PM
20: Chapter 20-The Efforts of Conversion


And the battle day finally arrives! Death, love, hate, sorrow..... I love it!

Author's Response: I feel the love all the way over here! (cuddles)!

2007.12.20 - 11:52AM
20: Chapter 20-The Efforts of Conversion

*gives u chocolate cake, and central heating* WOw amazinglyu fast paced. I metally screamed and my eyes popped out of my head when i read that the Doctor was surposedly dead. Brillant chapter, loved every moment of it. please may we have more. LR.

Author's Response: Welcome and gracious, I\'m so happy you enjoyed the rollercoaster ride! Chapter 21 will be along soon and I thank you so much for reviewing! (Too many exclamation points, caffiene is kicking in!!)

2007.12.20 - 09:27AM
20: Chapter 20-The Efforts of Conversion

Wow, that was a fast pace chapter! Very interesting, they aren't going to be too happy when they wake up.

Author's Response: I had to make it fast, or my eyeballs would have closed of their own accord and I\'d be sleeping at my computer by morning! LOL! Well, anywho, Nope, they aren\'t going to be happy \'cause for once, the Doctor went to the one unexplored territory he bagged to go and never went, namely Heaven. He died. Rose has been there, done that, but the Doctor? hhhmmmm....