2009.10.01 - 12:09PM
1: Chapter 1-Peace

I've read this like three times already (new story needed by you!!!) loved it all of course

Author's Response: New story, huh? Well, suggest? lol

2009.05.13 - 09:14PM
22: Chapter 22-Is That, Heaven Is What You Make It

Oh, this story was AMAZING!!!! I completely loved it, it was just, just, WOW. I loved the use of the Eternals and that you brought Jack in, and "Blackie" and that Zeke was brought back in, and that they got married, and-- geez, I'm just restating the whole story- BECAUSE I LOVED ALL OF IT!!! Congrats on this, it's really an accomplishment-- and off I go to read the sequel! Yay!

Author's Response: Remember what I said about writing? I can\'t wait until you inspre ME! I hope you enjoy the sequel...if it wasn\'t for the reviews, I would have stopped writing but, because of them,I continued and my writing got better. I hope I can only inspire and I hope you enjoy the sequel! with

2009.05.09 - 06:45PM
1: Chapter 1-Peace

Oooo... great start as always! I can't wait for what happens-- especially cause I live in California, so it'll be cool. Nothing is as it seems... can't wait to see what that means!

Author's Response: Kellybounce, I absolutely love your enthusiasm for my stories. What your expressing in word is what I feel when I write. I truly hope you will want to write one day soon, because you just excite me to write more. God bless you, and I hope to truly look forward to something you write too, because you inspire me, and I will be the first to read whatever you post. Toodles!

2009.03.20 - 10:11AM
1: Chapter 1-Peace

I read this entire story in one sitting. I think my eyes have a few popped blood vessels from looking at the screen so long. haha. Anyway, it was fantastic and I have to admit I cried toward the end.
The ending was PERFECT and I can't think of a better way to end it. Keep up your great work!


Author's Response: Oh, bless you honey! God knows I try my best> Thank you so much for your review, it makes me so humbled to know I\'ve entertained you so much. Thank you!

2008.12.19 - 08:37AM
1: Chapter 1-Peace

Hello, Ms Dixon I was wondering whether I might have your permission to use the name Gallifreya Terranova in a story of mine. It's not a spin-off of yours I promise and I would only publish the character under that name with your permission.
Thanks and I love your stories.
xoxo dramaqueen321

Author's Response: Well, my word, I\'m flattered! Thank you so much for asking...I really don\'t mind at all and I don\'t think \'Terror\' would mind, either. Please, go ahead and just let me know when you\'ve been updated so that I can read. I can\'t wait to see what you do! Toodles!

2008.01.27 - 09:07PM
22: Chapter 22-Is That, Heaven Is What You Make It

Ah, nice touch bringing Zeke in. Here's punch in your pants guardian!

2008.01.27 - 08:09PM
14: Chapter 14-Afterglow and Evil Thoughts

What, she can have secrets but he can't? Unfair!...and anyone or thing that tries to hurts babies...a black hole isn't good enough for 'em.

2008.01.27 - 08:03PM
13: Chapter 13-A New Life

A mouthful, but definitely prophetic. ^_~

2008.01.27 - 07:54PM
12: Chapter 12-Consequences

I'm going to be rereading those last four paragraphs a lot! That was priceless! Here's to a bright future.

2008.01.27 - 07:27PM
8: Chapter 8-Truces

*rolls eyes* Now she's the one expecting things to happen too fast. I like the temporary resolution and the understanding she gained, but I still believe she has no right to be angry. How was he to know he'd need to dump 900 years of incidence in her lap?

2008.01.27 - 07:18PM
7: Chapter 7-An Unguarded Moment

There's just something about me that just wishes to slap those with attitudes like his, status notwithstanding. Too bad Rose didn't. *grin*

2008.01.27 - 07:10PM
6: Chapter 6-Locks to a Past

Yes! Anything to get up the Black Guardian's nose...yuck. Hmm, ever thought of a Multiera where Rose meets other Doctors? I wonder what their impressions would be? ^_~

2008.01.27 - 06:57PM
5: Chapter 5-Rabbits with Teeth

*crosses fingers and kisses them for luck* Health to all of them!...you'll have to add 'Mother' to her titles, I hope. ^_~

2008.01.27 - 06:38PM
4: Chapter 4-And the Hunt Begins

Yeah, the Monty Python rabbit. It would be better off with a handgrenade than them. *evil smile* Oh, read your response to another review. If the kids think the computer is theirs, then who paid for it? ^_~

2008.01.27 - 06:14PM
2: Chapter 2-Plans

I don't think the '30s are ready for haunted house thrill seekers. Of course, no one's ever ready for the Doctor. ^_~