Reviews For Sadness Seen

2008.09.20 - 08:15AM
8: Chapter 8

Aww, that was a lovely ending to a great story! Loved the twist. Not what I expected at all. :)

2008.09.20 - 08:01AM
7: Chapter 7

Aww so good. I didnt much like the image of The Doctor being wired up to the TARDIS but it worked wonderfully with the story. It was creepy seing him like that, thats for sure. So glad Rose is back with him though. :)

2008.09.20 - 07:34AM
5: Chapter 5

lol, Oh brilliant twist! He he. Now the Doctor's deffinately going to want to find her.

2008.09.20 - 07:25AM
4: Chapter 4

Aww poor Rose. The way he just walked away and ignored her in the last bit was heartbreaking! Hows she going to be able to convince him that its really her?

2008.09.20 - 07:12AM
2: Chapter 2

lol, This is great! I love Rose's reaction to Martha. 'She's a bit pretty' lol.. Brilliant! Just like the ninth Doctor would have said. I also like the fact that he smiles at the end because he saw Rose, not Martha. he he *smiles happily*

2008.09.20 - 07:01AM
1: Chapter 1

Great first chapter. Poor Doctor. It's so sad but sweet the way he imagines her being there to talk to. But I'm guessing all isnt as it seems? lol Well in that case I better read on. ;)

2008.04.27 - 12:31PM
3: Chapter 3

'‘Running. We do that a lot and… other… things.’ Things that it appeared he would never mention aloud to any living soul even under torture.'

LOL. He's such a boy.

You're so good at angst fics, Cai. I almost started crying for him, then, when he said, 'Stay. Don't leave me.' But then, it is 3:30am.

2008.04.27 - 12:23PM
2: Chapter 2

I don't know, Cailet, spelling 'okay' as 'ok'. I thought Alisa and I taught you better than that. *Shakes head disapprovingly*.

'‘Then what are you?’ He almost screamed at her. ‘Why take this form? Why this one? Be someone else, anyone else! Please!’ He sank to his knees in front of her. ‘Please.’'

I love that bit. I just want to hug him! Emo Doctor is so much fun, and so heartbreaking.

2008.02.18 - 10:49PM
8: Chapter 8

Great story! Love the ending.

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m really glad you enjoyed it and that the ending didn\'t let you down.

2007.11.24 - 01:49AM
8: Chapter 8

*gulp* Ok, I forgive you for the unanswered I love you's we had to endure before. Beautiful, beautiful ending.

Author's Response: aw thanks! I\'m so glad you liked it! and thankyou so much for your great comments! I always love to know what bits people like and so on!

2007.11.24 - 01:34AM
7: Chapter 7

Oh that was tense!

That's possibly one of the most beautiful images I've ever seen in a reunion fic. The Doctor and Rose, hurt, exhausted, but smiling at each other from across the room. *sighs*

Author's Response: *blushes* thanks... yeah - they were a bit tired out... poor dears.

2007.11.24 - 01:11AM
6: Chapter 6

*cringe* ew, never could quite handle the Doctor in pain. Still, full of suspense and enough sweetness for me to hope that you're a sap after all and will give us a happy ending... :]

Author's Response: I can promise you that I am an utterly hopeless romantic!

2007.11.24 - 12:55AM
5: Chapter 5

Ah! The plot thickens! There was absolutely no part of me that saw that one coming! Oh dear!

(ok, rant over, for now...thouroughly enjoying this, btw)

Author's Response: lol - I\'m glad I could surprise you!

2007.11.24 - 12:43AM
4: Chapter 4

Oh, you've done it again! *glares* Once again an unanswered "I love you"

Poor Rose. Those final paragraphs nearly did me in, can't imagine how she felt!

Author's Response: lol yeah poor Rose - twisting the knife just a bit more there.

2007.11.24 - 12:30AM
3: Chapter 3

Oooo, directly to favorites for you then!

Rose was so gentle and sweet in this chapter...couldn't resist a few "awww"'s here and there.

Just noticed something, though. That's the second time Rose has said I love you to the Doctor without a response. I certainly hope this isn't a recurring theme!

Author's Response: lol everyone seems to really like this chapter! Yeah - sorry about the lack of \'I love you\'s it\'s certainly not cause I don\'t think he does love her... ah you\'ll see anyway. I\'m glad I made you \'aw\' *grins*