Reviews For Wisdom War and Tea

2007.10.30 - 11:58PM
10: Chapter 10-Epilogue

Oh, this was wonderful! Just found it and read straight through...what a beautiful ending! *pauses to wipe tears*
Sequel, please.....

Author's Response: Oh, welcome and I\'m so glad you enjoyed! You just don\'t know how nervous I was posting after so many years of not writing, but with so much wonderful support, how can I not write? The sequel is still formulating in my furtive imagination (don\'t ever combine bordom with an hours\' drive to work & back, you don\'t know how many stares I\'ve gotten from other drivers as I\'m acting a particularly rough scene as I\'m motoring along), but I promise to post soon. Thank you for reading and reviewing, and thanks for taking a ride with an Adult Rose and the Doctor.

2007.10.30 - 10:25PM
10: Chapter 10-Epilogue

Amazing ending -- eagerly awaiting the sequel. GrownupRose is a delight.

Author's Response: thank you so much, but like I was telling Charmingslayer, i\'m personally irked it didn\'t post right. I wasn\'t at my own computer for most of the writing. I\'ll fix soon, I promise. I\'m so glad you enjoyed.

2007.10.30 - 10:23PM
10: Chapter 10-Epilogue

Great story, it came together really well with a fun and different story line.

Author's Response: Thanks, although I\'m trying very hard to fix how it posted. I\'m so irked on how it posted, I wasn\'t at my own computer when I did most of the writing, so I promise i\"ll fix it when my eyes uncross. Thanks for reviewing!