Reviews For Wisdom War and Tea

2008.02.24 - 06:02AM
7: Chapter 7-Storms on the Horizon

Some aliens never seem to learn. I mean how stupid can you get pissing off to of the most powerful beings in the universe. They are so not going to like the results of that stupid move.

2007.10.29 - 03:55AM
7: Chapter 7-Storms on the Horizon

I like seeing the dynamic between them readjust now that Rose can take care of herself. I also loved the Dear Gorgeous staring off the note. So Rose now that she knows he loves her.

Author's Response: Oh, yeah, she knew \'cause she \'s probably the only one to call him \'Dear Gorgeous\' and get away with it, in the entire universe! I was sweating bullets witht his chapter and I really appreciate you reviewing. BLess you and I\'ll keep you posted!

2007.10.28 - 08:01PM
7: Chapter 7-Storms on the Horizon

Cool update. I see that the Doctor is going to have to remember that Rose has changed a bit since he last saw her. She isn't the 'wide-eyed' 19-20yr old girl she was even if she looks it. She had 40yrs to grow and I think she grew into a fine woman.... but like Rose said they are still a team. Plus she is a 'time-lady' now he will have get used to traveling with one again. Thx for the update. this is good.

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you for reviewing, I had one of my \"oh-my-GOd-did-I-just write-myself-into-a-corner moments\" and it took all day to write this. Stay with me and keep me honest and Bless you!

2007.10.28 - 07:32PM
7: Chapter 7-Storms on the Horizon

I like them figuring things out together, and eventually, so will the Doctor. He is so cute"reading notes and throwing on clothes in a panic"! I think you did a great job on this chapter. The pre-pollution ice-mining made sense; so does the explanation about the failure of the two universe murder attempt. And I love that her note started "Dear Gorgeous" LOL. :)

Author's Response: Bless you for reviewing! I stared at my computing for 2 hours trying to mesh all of these random thoughts I\'ve had all week into a cohesive ending, one that would sound plausible and at the same time still be entertaining and not sound like a caboose out of Geeksville! lol (oh, I just HAD to throw in the \'Dear Gorgeous\' in there again, she\'d be the only one to get away with it!)

2007.10.28 - 06:15PM
7: Chapter 7-Storms on the Horizon

I see the Doctor's got to learn that Rose is not 19 anymore despite looking like it.

Funny letter by the way ,just like something Rose would do.

So I guess Rose is onto something then.

Author's Response: Bless you for reviewing, this was one of the harder chapters I\'ve written, and believe me, it could have gone a number of directions. Glad you liked, pls contact me with any suggestions you\'d like to see in the end. (hold off on the R ratings, though, gotta keep it clean for the kiddies! (wink)