Reviews For Wisdom War and Tea

2008.02.24 - 05:57AM
5: Chapter 5-Healings

Too sweet for words love the trash can analogy and it would be so like him to taste it... GAG! I am sure Rose tasted much, much better. Nothing like a bit of Rose for breakfast to perk our Doctor right up. Just what Dr Tyler ordered!

2008.01.27 - 04:43PM
5: Chapter 5-Healings

This chapter is a keeper from start to finish. I'll be reading it and grinning for years to come. Finally, an equal. Thank you not-so-merciless universe! (and you. ^_~) *breaks out party streamers*

2007.10.26 - 10:07AM
5: Chapter 5-Healings

Brilliant chapter. Loved her telling him to lick her and all her witty retorts , its shows just how much she's changed.

So we now have a healed Doctor courtesy of Bad Wolf/Rose or do we?

Can wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: I\'m definitely working on it as we speak. all shall be revealed! (wink) Thanks for reviewing!!

2007.10.26 - 12:12AM
5: Chapter 5-Healings

That chapter was just so much fun. I loved the whole licking trash can thing and her telling him to lick her. And his saying he forgot to say he loved her and her hearing it.

Author's Response: Well, lovey , we ALL know how much of an oral fixation his got when it comes down to tasting something to analyze it,(\"Christmas Day Invasion\", \"Tooth and Claw\"), I mean, really, he practically built K9 in his image, sort of. (lol) I\'m sorry I\'m such a tease with these chapters, but like you, as an avid reader, I always want more until the story is done and I can say, wow, that was good, or bad, or maybe, huh? That really made me think, so I\'m trying to post practically as soon as I write so as not to leave everyone hanging too badly. Come this weekend though, please see some major advancement in plot and thanks for staying with me and reading, I\'m really honored that everyone likes it so much.

2007.10.25 - 08:24PM
5: Chapter 5-Healings

Great chapter. I continue to enjoy the strong and educated Rose you are writing for us. I like how you show that she has learned to use her Bad Wolf power without doing any harm or being corrupted by it. And of course, the reunion is lovely too! :)

Author's Response: I\'m glad you like her so much, her potential at 19 just made me envision her as being a very strong woman later in life, you know, \"what doesn\'t kill you makes you stronger.\" As for the attempt to use power for selfish needs, the 9th Doctor taught her all too well how much bad happens in the episode \"Father\'s Day\" when you do that. As for the reunion, Honey, they ain\'t finished yet! (wink) Thanks for reading and keep me honest!

2007.10.25 - 07:34PM
5: Chapter 5-Healings

Oh evil place to end! Great update though.

Author's Response: Oh, come on it leaves more to our nasty imagination! lo, but really, I was going to go for the mega chapter but I figured him looking for his own teabag was a good place to stop. Thanks for staying with me, iI really am starting to live for this reviews, Gaah! I\'m really bad now! lol.

2007.10.25 - 07:25PM
5: Chapter 5-Healings

Cool chapter. I know he wouldn't believe it at first. I loved her telling him to lick her to find out that was funny. I am glad she was able to heal him faster. thx for the update looking forward to more

Author's Response: Oh, yes my furtive little mind has been working overtime and I can\'t wait to post chapter six. Stay with me, it\'s really gonna get better (fingers crossed) I hope! lol