Reviews For Wisdom War and Tea

2008.02.24 - 05:51AM
3: Chapter 3-Endings

What in the world are you doing got the Doc at deaths door and now you have killed our Rose! Ok better make this up to me next chapter!

2008.01.27 - 04:22PM
3: Chapter 3-Endings

*leans forward* This is truly getting to me. I'm looking forward to what you do next. I like Zeke. Great character.... wish he could meet the Doctor.

2007.10.24 - 02:40PM
3: Chapter 3-Endings

Well, just found this story and I am hooked. Keep updating and soon please ;)

Author's Response: I just posted chapter 4 and I hope you like, thanks for reading and keep me posted \'cause I do plan to please!

2007.10.24 - 11:21AM
3: Chapter 3-Endings

Just stumbled upon this fic and I have to say it's really good.

What a way for Rose to bow out of this world,in battle which I think is fitting for her.

Now where has her body gone?

Author's Response: Oh, yum, thanks so much for reading and that is going to be answered in the next chapter, I hope you enjoy and any feedback is tremendously helpful! Stay tuned (wink)

2007.10.24 - 04:42AM
3: Chapter 3-Endings

Very well then. You have a touch of the rollercoaster about you, too. *fastens seat belt and pulls down safety bar* Ready when you are. Next chapter please!

Author's Response: Verily, indeed, next chapter has already been written and I\'ll post as soon as I finish using my last tissue from Rose\'s glorious death (sniff) You know, she just had to go out with a bang, anything less woulda been a downer, man! LOL! Thanks so much for reviewing and bless you. I promise to post very soon!

2007.10.24 - 02:02AM
3: Chapter 3-Endings

Whoa. I am sooo hooked. I must know what happens.

Author's Response: (Wringing hands together) Yeessss, my dear, you will,, you will....thanks for reviewing!!

2007.10.24 - 01:54AM
3: Chapter 3-Endings

Wow, I just stumbled on this story and I'm stunned by the power of it. Please update soon :)

Author's Response: Oh, please, verily I say unto thee, see previous responses and stay tuned! Bless you for reviewing and thanks for reading...

2007.10.24 - 12:01AM
3: Chapter 3-Endings

What!! You can't leave it there. Man they are both stabbed by the same race of people. Ah it looks like the Beast was right about Rose dying in battle *sorta* she won the battle then that dishonorable cur had to stab her. It was actually cool that she disappeared fitting for an angel. Now what I am wondering is where she went. Also wondering about the Doctor will he regenerate? And if so will he be ginger... LOL thx for updating again today

Author's Response: yeah, they\'re both stabbed by basically the same race of people in about the same place and their both lonelier than H***, hmmhmhmhmhm, would that be symbolism or a smack of coincidence??? LOL! I\'m so glad you\'re stayimg tuned, I promise to update soon. All of your questions will be answered, now whether they\'ll be dull or brilliant depends on the eye of the beholder, but I swear a blood oath I\'m doing my best.......(wink)

2007.10.23 - 11:52PM
3: Chapter 3-Endings

My reaction to this chapter was a very loud, housewakingup squeak of a 'nyeh?!' You can't leave it there! Please? *manga puppydog eyes*

Author's Response: Oh, my, my no, I\'m not leaving it there dearie, just give me a day and your wish is my command!

2007.10.23 - 11:27PM
3: Chapter 3-Endings

Oh brilliant! And your first story too! Really a very different and great twist.

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you! (blush) Chapter four has already been written and chapter five is in the works, so I\'m just very happy your pleased just give me a day or so to recuperate, last night was a marathon getting both chapters done and I don\'t have anyone beta-ing for me, so (whoosh), that was me taking a mini breather. OK, all better. Bless you and again thanks for reviewing.....