Reviews For Wisdom War and Tea

2008.02.24 - 05:49AM
2: Chapter 2 Beginnings

Oh Doc what have you gotten your self into this time!! Didn't your mama tell you not to piss off nasty aliens with large knives?? Come on TARDIS you can find a way to take care of him if anyone can.

2008.01.27 - 04:12PM
2: Chapter 2 Beginnings

*crosses fingers* Please don't regenerate. Please don't regenerate! I haven't gotten enough of Ten! Think of MY deprivations...since that's what's important after all. ^_~

2007.10.24 - 04:25AM
2: Chapter 2 Beginnings

A new rip in dimensions? Oh, my, my, my. And maybe he'll regnerate into a distinguished older gentleman while he's at it?

Author's Response: Aaah, yes a new rip and whether he regenerates or not, weeeeeeellll, maybe there\'s another surprise in store? (wink) Thank so very much for reviewing and Bless you, I promise to update soon!

2007.10.23 - 10:11PM
2: Chapter 2 Beginnings

Ohmigosh -- this is really intriguing! It's so sweet/sad how he never let Rose go, and now it looks like they're getting back together (if you let them)! Really looking forward to updates!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing, I just posted another chapter, your wish is my command (wink).....

2007.10.23 - 07:48PM
2: Chapter 2 Beginnings

Oh wow!!! So the TARDIS taking things into her own "hands" Poor Doctor getting 'stabbed in the back' LOL I can just picture him getting that mouthful of snow. Poor man... LOL I am glad he still thinks about Rose even if he is doing his best to keep going with life. This is going to be interesting thx for the update.

Author's Response: Oh, believe me, THANK YOU for reading, (Please see previous answer to our wonderful Charming Slayer) I am going to sooo make it worth your while to stay tuned.....toodles for now!

2007.10.23 - 07:37PM
2: Chapter 2 Beginnings

Good chapter. Only one thing to complain about... longer chapters!

Author's Response: I\'m so sorry, but sneaking a story in while you\'re working at a global company makes writing a little challenging and, it doesn\'t help that I work a little over an hour away. The bright side is my furtive little mind works the story all the way home and then I get to kick the kids off the computer for a little while and then I type like mad to get the chapter done. I did promise I\'ll do better in the next chapter, right? (lol) I utterly promise the next chapter will be waaay longer, cross my heart and hope to snorkel in the Bermuda Triangle, \'kay? THanks, luv for reviewing!!!!