Reviews For Flowers on Fire

2015.01.08 - 06:17AM
1: Flowers on Fire

Completely, fiercely beautiful...thank you for this.



2015.01.07 - 11:49PM
1: Flowers on Fire

Wow. WOW. That was amazing. One of the best I've seen since joining this site!

2014.02.04 - 12:52AM
1: Flowers on Fire

Really enjoyed this story. I'm new to the site and it's been tough to find good stuff that isn't romance, but this was a most pleasant surprise. It makes me want to write about the Master myself. Keep writing!

2011.10.29 - 10:23PM
1: Flowers on Fire

I think this is the most beautiful story I've seen about the Doctor and the Master. The last part in italics, are those specific scenes from specific episodes? If so, can you tell me which ones? Some of them sounded vaugely familiar, but I haven't seen all of the old who's yet.

2011.04.28 - 07:39PM
1: Flowers on Fire

Ooooooo, but this is gorgeous. I adored it.

2009.02.11 - 05:11PM
1: Flowers on Fire

This was just amazing - I'm so glad I found it. Wonderfully poetic imagery throughout, serious impact and so bittersweet how you bring it back around at the ending.

2008.08.26 - 11:40PM
1: Flowers on Fire

I loved it! Through out the whole thing there was never a time when I wasn't entranced, beautiful job!

2008.04.14 - 11:46PM
1: Flowers on Fire

Oh, wow! I love the portrait you sketch of Gallifreyan society, complete with anxious parents. The relationship between the Doctor and the Master is wonderfully complex. Your language is gorgeous, particularly this line:

And they’re here at the end of things, the shadow and the star, holding on to one another as both of them burn out.

This just got a recommendation over at Calufrax, by the way.

2008.04.14 - 03:47PM
1: Flowers on Fire

Thank you so much for writing this. Your depiction of Gallifrey is simply wonderful--so much of the story seems to be contained just in the characters of the fathers, each a diluted version of his own son. And the shamefulness of emotion is so clearly part of their world that it is only a descriptive, overlooked detail at first, until the death of Koschei's brother makes it blatant--but even then it is only described as a fact of life. Really, really wonderful.

2008.04.14 - 03:41PM
1: Flowers on Fire

Stunningly beautiful - great use of language and imagery. And sad, too. Loved it.

2008.04.14 - 11:34AM
1: Flowers on Fire

This is beautiful.

2007.10.17 - 10:55PM
1: Flowers on Fire

Absolutely glorious! A very believable and beautiful account of the beginnings of these two renegades. Thanks for this, and kudos!

Author's Response: They really did start out so similar - and in a lot of ways, that\'s come full circle. Thank you!

2007.10.17 - 09:17PM
1: Flowers on Fire

This is amazingly beautiful, and you are one of the best writers I've ever seen.

I've read and adored your other fics as well (and I'm terribly sorry I never reviewed them), and this one is definitely one of my favourites.

Absolutely astounding work,


Author's Response: Thank you! This was one of the most satisfying things I\'ve written in a while, and it\'s great to see people liking it. :3

2007.10.17 - 07:55PM
1: Flowers on Fire

That is one of the best stories I have ever read here. Seriously. So wonderfully well written. Loved this bit so much:

“…‘joining with its power and becoming an eternal part of the fabric of reality’…” Glances up, setting the papers back down. “That isn’t really within the range. Though he’s to be congratulated on his diction.”

Author's Response: The snooty admissions guy was surprisingly fun to write for a random extra. XD Thank you so much!

2007.10.17 - 04:58PM
1: Flowers on Fire

This is one I'll be reading again and again. Thanks for writing it, and I'm particularly impressed with the assured way you integrated the poetry. Favorited!

Author's Response: Thank you! The whole story came in a rush of about three hours - I didn\'t even mean to write it today - and the poetry occurred to me as I sat trying to stitch the ending together. I\'m glad you liked it. :3