Reviews For Coping

2009.05.22 - 07:41PM
1: 1.

I have developed a love for fleshing out certain elements of early episodes, and after reading this I feel as though you're a kindred spirit in that respect. This was wonderful; thank you so much for sharing it.

2008.06.18 - 10:56PM
1: 1.

I have wondered about what Barbara and Ian thought about the Doctor leaving Susan behind. This was a believable take on it, and you captured the characters' voices very well.

Sheila Adamson
2005.09.29 - 01:49PM
1: 1.

Yes - I understand dramatically why that leaving scene had to be just between the Doctor and Susan. But of course it would affect Ian and Barbara too.

2004.10.18 - 05:13AM
1: 1.

Really good, lump-in-the-throat stuff. I could hear Ian and Barbara's voices as I read this.

2004.10.18 - 04:24AM
1: 1.

Enjoyed it very much, love 1st doctor, Ian and Barbara stories. Hope to see some more of this one

2004.10.16 - 06:13PM
1: 1.

Excellent job. I thought you conveyed the characters and emotions of Ian and Barbara very well. I really enjoyed your exploration of what was undoubtedly a heartwrenching experience for all three of them.