2008.10.11 - 02:39PM
1: Prologue- A New Start

Here from Calufrax, I haven't read "An Unexpected Education yet" (despite it being the story to get the rec). I look forward to it though. This is a great character study of the Brig, the little things, the human things; you've got a great touch for those details. Like Alistair trying to check Liz's pulse. Oh, and Three, though a side-character, was hillarious in his requests. Just...

It's all subtle and brilliant, and the pace moves along briskly for a story that's all emotions and no "action" (in the traditional sense). I usually shun romance, especially fic romance, because it can quickly turn into sap or bore. This was neither. This was wonderful.

(and if Benton was a bit OOC at the end, oh well, his comment about the Brig finding an assistant for him to fall in love with, and enter Jo, made me laugh.)

Author's Response: I\'m rather excited I got recced on Calufrax (not wrecked on Calufax, which does sound like quite a night, however...). I feel like I\'ve arrived, somehow :). Anyway, thank you. I\'m glad you liked it. I too am generally not a romance writer or reader (but I think I\'ve got into it in the Who Fandom purely because Who itself rarely touches upon it. For me, I only get interested in writing fanfic if there\'s an area the original series never covers. For example, I shall never be remotely interested in writing Torchwood romance, because they do it to the point of distraction in the series) so glad it did the job. The whole story structure itself was inspired by the Noel Coward/David Lean classic \'Brief Encounter\' (which I\'m sure is patently obvious even if you\'ve never seen the film :) ), except there you only ever get the one side. So the \'fun\' comes from it always being restrained, except for odd moments. Yes, with Benton I got so excited about the amusing continuity link that I forgot their characters a moment. And I love writing the Third Doctor in this context- he\'s basically a stroppy genius kid who\'s trying to see how far he can push his new supply teachers.

2008.06.13 - 11:27AM
1: Prologue- A New Start

I really love reading 'An Unexpected Education' and 'No More Than A Feeling' side-by-side, because the slight differences in perspective are really wonderful. You've got the thought processes of both Liz and the Brigadier down perfectly.

This slots neatly into place among the serials, fleshing out some of the sadly unaddressed aspects of their relationship.

And the ending...

Just the right amount of poignancy.

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Liz and the Brig are rather interesting to write as they never give too much of themselves away on screen, so you have to extrapolate a lot. Liz has to be an incredibly strong woman to keep progressing in such a male dominated career during such an era, and the Brig, although he is perceived as a stereotypical commander, really is nothing of the sort. He rarely pulls rank, has quite a sense of humour, and always treats his female staff as equals (Anne Travers in \'Web of Fear\'? He asks her scientific opinion straight away, despite all the men surrounding her. Isobel in \'The Invasion\' strops about him refusing to let her do a dangerous mission, but ignores the fact that she suggests an idea, he listens, acknowledges it\'s good, and acts upon it.). Trying to get inside their heads was a lot of fun. Glad you liked the ending, too- I didn\'t want it to be too mawkish.

2008.03.01 - 03:22PM
1: Prologue- A New Start

This 'writing between the lines' is so well done - the pair of stories is really impressive. I was so wrapped up in it I nearly fell off my chair in shock when Benton suddenly became informal at the end. (If Captain Yates had only been around earlier, he might have got away with it, but Benton??) I loved it everything else, though! Really well done.

Author's Response: Ah ha! I have finally found the \'Respond\' button! Thank you very much for your kind review (I did hope that telling the same story from two points of view would work out okay). Having re-read this, I completely agree with you about the Benton/Brig exchange (even I read it and thought, \'Well, that was just dumb...\'); some day I may get around to tweaking it to be less OOC .

2007.10.10 - 01:16AM
1: Prologue- A New Start

As with "An Unexpected Education", I find that you've evoked the characters very well. The added experience of seeing inside both sides of the conversations makes these fics an even more impressive piece of work.

Author's Response: Thank you; I did hope I\'d be able to pull the two sides of the coin thing off. The two characters are so closed; I found it a bit tricky to get inside their heads at first.