2009.08.19 - 03:17AM
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omg. ianto curled up in jack's room, waitng. *sends hug* then owen, typical owen asking for coffee the second they get abck uop.
love it.

2008.05.06 - 08:07PM
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Bad formatting is the devil. My eyes may never recover.

2008.02.06 - 06:33PM
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I would have liked it more if it stuck true to kiss kiss bang bang. like, jack and ianto go on a dinner date and ianto is trying to be all "yes sir." and cold.
and THEN they have hot sex and jack breaks iantos cold exterior.
but i love it anyways! i added it to my fav stories list

2007.10.07 - 02:53PM
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This is great. Like jekyl said, a few rocky parts, but overall I loved it.

I know what you mean about hatinf it yourself, I have a fanfic I'm halfway through doing and I don't know whether to finish it 'cuz I think it's crappy.

*adds author to faves*

Author's Response: Aww thanks! The rocky parts were the parts holding me back tbh. Yay I feel happy ^^

2007.10.06 - 01:54PM
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Yeah, it was a little rough around the edges, but I liked it.