Reviews For Unarmed

2007.10.23 - 07:26AM
16: Chapter 16 - New Dawn

Just read this straight through and really glad I waited until you'd posted the last chapter. Sorry I didn't stop throughout to review, but I just couldn't wait to get on to the next chapter and see what happened next. I really, really loved this. Except for the evil parts that I hated, mind, but otherwise I loved it. And happy endings all around, always a good thing.

2007.10.22 - 04:21PM
16: Chapter 16 - New Dawn

"Rude and not ginger"? Trust The Doctor to come up with something like that!

Loved this.

2007.10.22 - 11:37AM
16: Chapter 16 - New Dawn

Very fluffy and now their family is complete.

I would also like to see a sequel to this story.

Author's Response: Thankyou for your reviews throughout this story jessdoctorwho21!! :D I love hearing what you think about how the stories going and what parts you like! :D

2007.10.22 - 10:56AM
16: Chapter 16 - New Dawn

If I sit here and beg, and go "pretty please with sugar on top... and ice cream... and a cherry... and maybe a banana" can we have a sequel please?

Because I think that this story is ACE :D

Author's Response: Oh ok... I\'ll try... But Flashes Of Lightning is my main story... I\'ll see what I can do about a sequel... This story isn\'t that good! At most I\'d say its an ok-ish story... But thanks for saying its ace! :D

2007.10.22 - 10:41AM
16: Chapter 16 - New Dawn

LOoking forwards to the squeal, ill need something nice fluffy and argumentive (between Skey and her baby bro) to cheer me up from coming home from hols. Lovely finish and a fantabitastic story all round! XD

Author's Response: Flashes of Lightning isn\'t a sequel to this story... Its a story about alternate Torchwood and Rose... But if there is interest in a sequel I\'ll try and see what I can do...

2007.10.22 - 10:09AM
16: Chapter 16 - New Dawn

Thank you for this lovely ending!

I am looking forward to your next story!

Author's Response: Thankyou for your reviews throughout this story Fishface! :D I\'m sorry you couldn\'t read chapter 12 (I think...) but you probably did get an idea of what was said lol! I can\'t wait to see what you think of my new story Flashes Of Lightning.

2007.10.21 - 01:00PM
15: Chapter 15 - Small Decisions

Very sweet! Loved the part about the Last of the Time Lords and their mother. Thanks for the update.

2007.10.21 - 12:27PM
15: Chapter 15 - Small Decisions

Oh oh oh SQUEE much?!

You have to update very soon. Indeed you do! :P

2007.10.21 - 12:02PM
15: Chapter 15 - Small Decisions

This chapter made me very happy.

2007.10.21 - 11:19AM
15: Chapter 15 - Small Decisions

Ah, I feel all happy now :-) Please update soon, I love this story!!!

2007.10.21 - 04:55AM
14: Chapter 14 - Acceptance Allowed

I peeked back and I actually read 12, 13 and 14! (okay, I was behind the virtual sofa, and I did not go back past 12, but, hey, I was at least a little braver) I was horrified at what they did to Skye, but relieved that Rose & the baby are apparently okay. The Doctor may have let the bad guys off too easily. I wouldn't mind a little Family of Blood punishment here!

Thanks for sticking with it!

2007.10.20 - 09:05AM
14: Chapter 14 - Acceptance Allowed

I did review and comment on the last chapter.

Glad to see the Doctor coming around and accepting things.

I would love for Shireen and Rose to meet again and have a conversation.

2007.10.20 - 08:52AM
14: Chapter 14 - Acceptance Allowed

I'm sorry... RL and stuff. Wonderful story and so very creative with regeneration. And how you have the characters reacting. I think this is a wonderful story!

2007.10.18 - 12:25PM
13: Chapter 13 - Everything Dies

It must be so hard for Rose having her 5-year old daughter change on her.However she got to get use to it because thers going to come a time when Skye will have to regenerate again and possibly more than once.

Whats not finished? If Sarah Jane and Ianto have given the press a description of Skye before she regenerated .How are they going to explain her appearance now? I mean after all she looks like a completely different child.

2007.10.17 - 02:21PM
12: Chapter 12 - Regeneration Achieved

Ah good Rose didnt die. I didnt want to see the Doctor become a single dad.