Reviews For Bloom

2010.06.17 - 03:22AM
4: Chapter 4: Blooms

Lovely! You write the Doctor as such a gentleman - which I believe he is. I love your fics.So much light and beauty! It's 3 AM and I can't stop reading them.

2009.08.20 - 06:38AM
4: Chapter 4: Blooms

What an inspiring story. So full of light and colour highlighting so many of the Doctors human character traits. In some ways its sad they had to leave because you can almost imagine them making a life for themselves there but the wanderlust is strong so it could never last. Very beautiful piece of fiction thank you.

2008.09.18 - 05:08PM
4: Chapter 4: Blooms

Wow there's really a rose called The Doctor! That's brilliant! An extra cherry to this lovely story. *smiles happily* I really enjoyed it, thanks.

2008.09.18 - 04:41PM
3: Chapter 3: Buds

Aww that was a lovely chapter. Especially the end! Finally the Doctor has some sense. XP He he. Oh dear, last chapter next....

2008.09.18 - 04:19PM
2: Chapter 2: Shoots

Should I be suspicious about that man!? Hmm. He seemed nice enough but looks can be decieving.... especially in the Doctor who verse. lol. I'm really enjoying the story so far. I'm loving the Doctor's internal battle with himself about wanting to be closer to Rose but rebelling at the same time. I look forward to seeing how it ends.

2008.06.22 - 01:41PM
1: Chapter 1: Seeds

this story is so beautiful and gentle. I loved the characterisations and the metaphor with the flower was lovely. I used to work in a plant nursery and that makes it even sweeter. Also, the Doctor as a teacher is adorable. One of my favorites!!

2007.12.04 - 01:41AM
1: Chapter 1: Seeds

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this story!!! It is so beautifully written!!! One of my favourites!!!

Author's Response: I\'m so happy to hear you enjoyed my story! Thank you so much for reviewing.

2007.11.27 - 03:00PM
4: Chapter 4: Blooms

Great dialog throughout the story, and the village children amused me. Very sweet overall. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m glad you liked the dialogue--that\'s one of my favorite parts of writing the Doctor and Rose.

2007.11.12 - 01:41PM
1: Chapter 1: Seeds

I can't believe there's actually a rose named The Doctor. That's incredible! The breeder has to be a Dr Who fan :-)

Your story was as romantic as I thought it would be and even more.
I feel that the Doctor in this story is almost a mix between the Doctor we know and a bit of John Smith thrown in.
It was a wonderful read, thank you very much.

Author's Response: Interestingly enough, the Doctor rose was created back in the 1930s, long before the show. :-) Thank you so much for your lovely compliments; I\'m so glad you enjoyed it.

2007.10.19 - 08:00PM
4: Chapter 4: Blooms

I adore the Doctor and Rose's conversation after the kiss. Her discontinued sample metaphor was unexpected and apt. The Doctor's comparison of Rose to the TARDIS was so beautiful and touching (and, given when you've set this in canon, more than a little bittersweet).

Earlier I had been vaguely worried that Mr. Everett's secret project would turn out to be something bad like carnivorous alien plants. I'm glad to see it was just a rose. However, IMHO the photo of the rose is way too pink to be Doctor-like. Still, I like that it really exists.

Author's Response: You\'re actually the first person, I think, to talk about the discontinued sample metaphor, so that so pleases me! :-) Thank you so much for your feedback--I really appreciate it.

2007.10.19 - 06:47PM
1: Chapter 1: Seeds

This is why I only read completed stories... because when I finally do get to read a story like this, it's so worth it! :)
Thank you. What an absolute treat! From wanting to give them both a good flick to the ear for being so silly to finally! joining them in the warm 'n fuzzinessness. LOL Sorry, grinning like a loon makes for bad grammar apparently... ;) Thank you so much for a lovely read... mmm, those roses sure are sweet! :)

Author's Response: I\'m so happy you enjoyed the story so much! Reading a story when it\'s all done is nice, because you can just wallow in it, can\'t you? [loves that feeling] Thank you so much for your review!

2007.10.19 - 04:20PM
4: Chapter 4: Blooms

Very touching ending.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad you enjoyed the ending.

2007.10.19 - 08:10AM
4: Chapter 4: Blooms

I'm not quite sure how I managed to miss this gem of a story--but it was a wonderful find, and a delightful read. I absolutely ached for both Ten and Rose, and love that the adventure you use for this is that of a 'normal' life.

Author's Response: Ten himself said that living a life, day after day, is an adventure, so I\'m glad that you liked seeing the Doctor and Rose take that kind of adventure together. Thank you so much for reviewing--I really appreciate it!

2007.10.19 - 06:52AM
4: Chapter 4: Blooms

OMG I am SO getting one of those rose bushes :D that is really cool :D
Fantastic chapter :) actually fantastic everything. This was a really nice story.

Author's Response: [grin] I know! It makes me wish I had a real garden, instead of my apartment balcony. I\'m so happy you enjoyed the fic--thank you for reviewing!

2007.10.18 - 11:36PM
4: Chapter 4: Blooms

I loved your description of the Doctor actually blooming: "He felt like the sun had come out for the first time ever. Such a warmth, an unfurling, he felt inside himself, a feeling he was sure he had never felt before. And it was glorious and heart-stopping and too good to last..."

This sweet little story warmed my heart; and I was enchanted with the rose named The Doctor.

This story is rather like the rose bush they planted by the cottage; lovely, giving pleasure to others, and a little remembrance that you were there. Thank you so much for writing this. It has been a joy to read!

Author's Response: I\'m so pleased by your lovely comments; they\'ve really made my day. Thank you so much for taking the time to review; I really appreciate knowing that people enjoy my fic.