Reviews For Insanity Fare.

2008.04.11 - 07:08PM
6: What's the point?

Wow it's soooo graphic!! How do you think of torture like that?!
This story's absolutely genius!! It's like, I'm sitting shivering over here lol!! I really want to leap in there and save Ianto and Jack lol!!
I seriously hope you keep updating, I need to know what happens!!

Bren :D xxxx

Author's Response: XXX I just evil lol. Thank you very much!

2007.11.12 - 11:02AM
6: What's the point?

You have a very dark soul...

But I love it!

This is amazing in it's own way... The way you have such darkness in it, such pain... I like this a lot. I do hope you update soon.

Author's Response: I shall up date it soon. Thank for the comment.

2007.11.09 - 05:05PM
6: What's the point?

Just.... wow. Kinda at a loss for words.... it's like a train wreck, you don't want to look, but you just have too.

I just hope it has a good ending or I might have to hurt you.

Author's Response: So not all bad then... lol maybe...

2007.11.09 - 04:31PM
6: What's the point?

Author's Response: Good wow or bad wow?

2007.11.01 - 04:08PM
5: Chapter five: Delicious.

At least Jack tried to help a little.

Author's Response: Lol I love making him all useless!

2007.10.26 - 04:28PM
4: Chapter 4: Tourture the chocolate.


Author's Response: Hehe if you think it grim now wait for the next 2 chapters. I am very evil.

2007.10.06 - 02:07PM
3: Chapter 3: When spoken to.

Wow, this is getting brutal. Good, but brutal.

Author's Response: hehehehe just wait.

2007.09.24 - 04:04PM
2: Chapter 2: Poor little boy.

Really... this is powerful. I can feel the pain and strength between Jack and Ianto.

Author's Response: Trust me it gets so much more painful... I\'m evil... and I\'m told i\'m horrificaly good at writing for insain people. Lol can\'t hink why... But really wait and see...

2007.09.24 - 02:16PM
1: Chapter one: Picture this.

I'd suggest you check your spelling. I spotted "torcher" (it's torture) and "tiney" (tiny) fairly quickly, and too many spelling mistakes can be distracting.

Author's Response: Lol soz. That was in the discription and note thing right? I fixed it. It\'s cos I didn\'t get my beta to do that, she only does the story itself.

2007.09.24 - 02:03PM
1: Chapter one: Picture this.

Powerful.... I do agree though that (at least as of the end of Series 1 of TW) Ianto would be the way to get to Jack.

Author's Response: Yay! I\'m not the only one! *Hugs*