2007.09.27 - 07:47PM
4: Chapter 4

Oh, oh, that was just perfectly lovely. Maybe one of the best Torchwood fics ever. I adore it.
You write Ianto so well, without overemphasizing all those things that we most love about him - your Ianto isn't a walking cliche.
Fantastic. :)

2007.09.26 - 12:38PM
4: Chapter 4

Finished reading it. WOW... it was so beautiful. I almost cried when Ianto read Jack's text message. "Yes" Awwwww. This was a really great story, and you really nailed all the characters.

Author's Response: Thank you! And no need to cry, there was a happy ending after all.=)

2007.09.22 - 06:44PM
4: Chapter 4

Great ending. Maybe the slightest, slightest bit contrived, but still excellent. I applaud your perfect prose and characterization. Bravo.

Author's Response: It might be, a little bit - but then again, I wanted to write a happy ending for once.=) And I\'m glad you liked it - thanks for the great feedback!