2007.09.26 - 03:48PM
1: Where The Waters Are.

Awww. That was lovely. I'm an absolute 10/Rose girl but I love the dynamic between those two in your fic =]
In the words of a man we're all very find of,

Author's Response: Thank you so much. =)

2007.09.20 - 09:20PM
1: Where The Waters Are.

That was *very* cute. I loved the visuals you wove into the narrative. I'd like to think the Doctor did something like this for Martha after HN/FoB, because she really did go above and beyond for him.

Author's Response: Thank you =) I like to think he did something very, VERY nice for her too all things considering!

2007.09.20 - 08:18PM
1: Where The Waters Are.

Oh god! This was SO sweet! Thank you!

Author's Response: You are welcome. =) thanks for reading.