Reviews For Primitive

2019.08.22 - 02:55PM
1: Primitive

This is powerful and so damn hot!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the comment. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the story. xx

2009.12.05 - 02:50AM
1: Primitive

Oh I don't know if I reviewed this when I first read it on LJ, but this:

He was straining uselessly for release, yet it was out of reach, he needed something more. She watched him, her heart breaking. He was a tormented soul, denied the comfort of love for so long, he seemed unable to break through the burden his race had bestowed upon him. He could not cum. No matter how he struggled toward it, no matter how he yearned for it, his release was locked down; imprisoned by the teachings of his people. the hottest thing I've ever read. Seriously. I've been thinking about re-reading this fic for DAYS.

"GUH" only begins to cover it. The image of Nine that desperate is so damn sexy it defies definition.

Well played, my dear... well played.

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you so much. *huge hugs*

2009.08.28 - 12:24PM
1: Primitive

A dark tale but with light and hope at its end. Passionate, virile and erotic. I have a huge amount of favourite stories but this fic has tobe in my top 10.

Author's Response: I\'m extremely flattered by your high praise. Thank you so very much. :)

2008.10.28 - 03:24AM
1: Primitive

Hot, steamy and ohhh so good!
I guess I should take a shower ... a cold one *g*
Great writing!

Author's Response: Thank you. I do love the Nine/Rose pairing. Enjoy your shower! ;)

2007.09.25 - 05:35PM
1: Primitive

WOW! That was so real, and so plausible too...echoing the cries for part two

Author's Response: Really pleased that you liked it. Thanks!

2007.09.22 - 01:57PM
1: Primitive

Oh my...I think that sums it up...Oh my...

Author's Response: *grins* Thanks so much!

2007.09.21 - 02:11AM
1: Primitive

That was great :-) I would definitely like to see a sequel.. of their second time.. ;-)

Author's Response: Ah, but I\'m mostly a *first timer* writer for these two. :)

2007.09.20 - 08:59PM
1: Primitive

*iz ded* Seriously, amazing story!! So descriptive and utterly brilliant. Love it!!!!!

Author's Response: *is flattered* Thank you!

2007.09.20 - 08:17PM
1: Primitive

Author's Response: :)

2007.09.20 - 01:39PM
1: Primitive

Great story. I haven't read one that good in a long time.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I\'m flattered.

2007.09.20 - 11:36AM
1: Primitive

Wow... that was brutal and wrenching and ultimately utterly poignant. You did a superb job of exploring this side of the characters. It felt real and honest for them.

Author's Response: So pleased you liked it. Thank you!

2007.09.20 - 07:20AM
1: Primitive

*incoherent flail*

that was hot.

I liked it. A lot.

Author's Response: Thanks, I\'m glad you liked it. Also I\'m liking the *incoherent flail* :D

2007.09.20 - 04:55AM
1: Primitive

Oh that was good.

Author's Response: :)

2007.09.20 - 04:54AM
1: Primitive

Oh that was good.

Author's Response: Thank you!

2007.09.20 - 04:40AM
1: Primitive

I love the imagery that you create in this. It's so dark, restrained Nine and the way that consent is given, and... well, it's fantastic all of it. Oh and I agree, she should bite that lovely arse too ;)

Author's Response: So very glad that you liked this. :) Thank you!